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War Of The Words.

Updated on October 12, 2009

From the wrecks of censorship. enlightenment


War Of The Words.


In the deployment of
the first line of defense,

of what one truly believes in 
one would have to set
many characters in a straight line,
neatly formed, with capitals
leading the minions.

Matching strength

against weakness
as they plotted,
a way to change closed minds
to the freedom of a poem.

By simply waving white sheets
with messages that beg surrender,
to the flow and beauty
of a peaceful place,
or jabbing with a pen
in long strokes,
ink flowing like blood
to shock all who encounter,
the rants of a mad poet
expressing their angst.

Leaving the world with
solutions that allow,
composed readings
to calm the masses,
or minds shredded
into dangling participles,
that are rendered with
lead tipped bullet-tins.

One would have to
carefully mine the alphabet,
punctuating the onrush of apathy
by exploding ideas that
impact on the societies 
often found to be illiterate
on the artistic front.

Victory would be gained
by bringing back rhyme and reason,
to all who look with disdain
on creative bursts of energy.

By first capturing readers 
and then liberating those souls who
are prisoners in the holds
of the many censorships
that sail the backwaters
of the ignorant minds.

Thus allowing their souls to be set free.


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