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Warrior Poet

Updated on April 29, 2016

The Lotus of Love is an Enigma

Warrior poet

"Warrior Poet"

The mind of a warrior and the heart of a poet
Two halves as a whole are indivisible
One half as gentle and delicate as the lotus
The other so cunning it is almost mythical

The warrior fights for every stride forward
Never loosing the battle in his heart
The poet's revered pen an instrument of torture
Pierces the synapse as a poison dart

Some would say they cannot coexist
But, my friend, you could not be more wrong
The one will fight and crush with the fist
While the other entertains the throng

An exquisite balance of power between them
A formidable force to reckon with
They share a multifaceted diadem
One jewel for a warrior, another for the wordsmith


Mind of a Warrior With a Heart of a Poet

I will start this synopsis with a question. How can the warrior and the poet coexist without the one consuming the other? It's a very delicate dance within the mind of the warrior and the heart of the poet. The warrior moving swiftly and deftly forward as the poet matches the pace and stride only for the poet to glide gracefully forward again.

They share the same passion for their particular art and trade craft. Often working in unison, the heart of the poet will entertain as the warrior keeps the throng in check with a quiet, subtle and almost tangible authority. The kind of authority that is ever present but often unseen. The poet is a little more aggressive toward the psyche. Imagine a scalpel probing around the inner workings of the brain case. Not to cut or removing anything, just rearranging things with a psychological surgical hand that never falters. The poets weapon is his word craft. It opens the mind and makes people think about things never imagined, rearranging the thought process.


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