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Warrior Poem

Updated on April 7, 2013

A Warriors Tale

A warrior stands alone as darkened shadows crowd her mind. Fear is abundant but never allowed to surface, for fear destroys hope. And hope is often her only companion.

She’s trapped in a paradise of hell, and yet she holds on smiling day by day, living, clawing her way through the pain to reach a simple form of happiness.

She stands by herself, but she never stands alone. She is a rebel that ends the fight, and for all to see she is quite the sight.

She fights an evil vampire force deep inside and still finds the strength to carry the world on her shoulders.

Her glory shall be remembered, not by all but by those who truly matter.

She’s my Mother and she fights for us, she’s my mom and warrior. She is love.


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      blakesgm 3 years ago

      I always refer back to this post when "I" need inspiration. Your Mother sounds like a great lady in spite of her afflictions, which I am assuming may be mentally or physically challenged.