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Warriors and Champions3

Updated on March 30, 2014

Old Friends, New Allies Part One

I could smell pine trees around me and felt damp grass under me. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a forest and I stood up looking around me. I had no idea where I was or what happened to me and I started to walk going northeast trying not to get scared. I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming the pain telling me that I was awake. The fear started to rise in me and tears started to leak from my eyes. I knew that I was nowhere near my home and family I was in a place where no one knew me and I was completely alone. I tripped on a rock and fell face first and the tears streamed down my face. I didn’t care if I was almost seventeen I was scared and didn’t care if someone heard me.

I pushed myself back up and realized I was wearing strange clothes. I looked at my pants which were brown in color and made from a cloth I did not recognize and I was wearing black boots and it seemed my shirt was a green shirt with a v-neck and laces keeping it together with a leather jerkin over it. On my waist was a short sword and I knew that a bow and a quiver was strapped to my back. I wondered what all this stuff was and what it meant since I was a high school kid that had never fought anyone before and yet here I was with weapons meant to kill. I started to feel sick to my stomach at the thought of killing someone. I started to walk again trying to find someone to help me.

I yelled for help but I only heard my own pitiful and scared voice. I looked up at the sky and the sun seemed like it was still rising from the east. I started to walk again and tried to find anyone that could help me. I was hoping that I could find someone soon for I had nothing to eat or drink and I knew that I would need food eventually.

As I was walking my curiosity started to rise and I wondered if in fact my weapons were real. I tried to fight off the wondering because this was real life and not some video game where nothing was real and all was made up. But here out of my comfort zone of a virtual world I was helpless and knew very little about weapons.

To satisfy my curiosity I took my sword out the sheath and it felt nice in my hand almost like it was meant to be held by me. I swung it at a tree and it sunk into the bark and tree I knew it was very sharp and I shouldn’t play with it anymore. I didn’t dare touch the bow on my back and continued my journey.

I came to a small river and I was attacked with a great thirst and going against all the teachings I had not to drink from rivers and streams I laid down and lowered my head to the water and drank. The water was very cold and satisfying to my thirst and I started on my way again.

As I traveled the land started to look familiar but that was absurd. I had never been here before and swept the thought away. But it still felt familiar like a Déjà vu kind of way. I dismissed those thoughts of familiarity from my mind and focused at trying to find some sort of civilization.

The sun was sinking beneath the horizon and I tried to find any shelter to no avail. Lucky for me the sky was clear so I didn’t have to worry about rain but the temperature dropped quite a bit and I found it hard not to shiver as I closed my eyes and dreamt of home.

I was back in my bed and the smell of pancakes and bacon was so overwhelming my stomach growled with hunger. I threw off my blankets and ran downstairs and ate breakfast I ate and ate and ate. There was a knock on the door and Bobby opened the door back early from his vacation and I ran with him to his place and we played video games. He told me all about his cross country trip sparing no detail about the places he had seen and things he did. “Our first stop was Cleveland where we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and saw down town Cleveland. Oh I also have to tell you about a stretch of the freeway that is aptly named. They call it dead man’s curve it is a very sharp turn. Anyway after Cleveland we went south and saw the Football Hall of Fame although I didn’t care much for it but I know Neal would have liked it. Our next stop was to the Gateway of the West the good old Gateway Arch.

“Let me tell you Ray that is one cool piece of architecture. They built it so it would naturally sway in the wind up to two inches in either direction. And the coolest thing about it is when you are in the basement waiting to ride the elevators up there is a scale arch where they show how the elevators work. During the entire trip all three cars always stay in a straight line even though you are going up a curve.

“I almost forgot to tell you about a restaurant we ate at when we were still in Missouri. It is called Lambert’s Café but they are famous because they are the home of the throwed rolls. They call it that because they actually throw the dinner rolls right at you. As soon as they come out of the oven they throw the rolls to you. We were on our way to Memphis when our RV started acting up and then died on us.

“My parents didn’t know what to do if they should try to baby it all the way home or have my mom and I fly back home and my dad would try to drive it home or what. Well it was finally decided that my mom and I would fly back home. So that is why we are home early.”

I told him all about my time playing the beta for Warriors and Champions and Bobby dragged out the smallest details from me about the game. I was very happy that things were normal but felt weird at the same time something was wrong and I had no idea what it was. But my thoughts were soon diverted when Bobby’s mom made us lunch.

I must have been very hungry because I just couldn’t stop eating. I ate six sandwiches, fifteen breadsticks, five apples, two bananas, and three oranges. I also drank an entire gallon of milk and had a half gallon of ice cream for dessert. We went back to playing video games afterwards but I still felt like I was hungry.

We fell asleep watching a movie and I felt my stomach growling with hunger but I could not wake up and I saw that I was staring at my body like I was a spectator of a play. I tried to wake myself of because the hunger pains were intense but I would not wake up. I then was suddenly at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I started off with a plate full of varying meats piled high and another plate filled with pizza and rolls. I then went back and filled another plate with fruits, salad, and baked beans. I just ate and ate and ate but I was still hungry. I felt like I was like Garfield always eating and never being satisfied.

I eventually went to the dessert and piled high ice cream, puddings, cookies, and brownies. I knew had I never before eaten so much food before but somehow it just felt like nothing was wrong and that it was normal for me to eat this much.

I opened my eyes with tears in my eyes again. I had dreamed of being back and not stuck out here alone and lost. I stood up rubbing the sleep from my eyes and brushed the dirt off my clothes and tried to find something to eat.

I found some berries of a kind and tried one out and quickly spat it out. I knew it was stupid of me to find some wild food since I knew nothing of the outdoors like this. I knew even less of this place and didn’t know if anything in this forest was edible. I just wanted to sit down and cry but my hunger forced me to continue searching for something.

I heard voices ahead of me and my hunger was driving me to them. Their voices were very rough sounding and didn’t sound friendly in the least but I could smell their food cooking. I walked into the camp and saw six guys all wearing animal skins and I knew they were not friendly at all.

One of them spoke, “Hey lads look we’ve got company and he looks like a prop’r gent don’t he lads?” The others laughed and stood up drawing their weapons. “Alright stranger empty your pockets and we might let you live.”

I then spoke, “Look ah, guys can’t we just get along I am very lost and hungry and would like to have some food and I can be on my way.”

“You here that lads he wants some food and he will be on his way.” They all laughed closing in on me. “Look kid we know you have some money the fancy dress you got and those weapons. Those weapons ain’t cheap kid so either you stole them, unlikely since you don’t strike me as a thief so the only choice is that you are loaded. And we are poor gents and need some help from time to time. Now hand over your gold.”

I walked over to them with my arms down and my palms facing them. “Look I just want some food and I will be gone that is all.” I was about to say more when I saw one of them run at me with sword drawn and swung at me. I felt cold steel cut my left arm close to the shoulder. “Alright kid no more games either you hand us your gold or we kill you and take it from you.”

“I don’t have any gold that is why I am asking for some food. I don’t know how I got theses clothes are these weapons I am just hungry and need to eat.”

“Enough talk time to die.” I closed my eyes and awaited my death.

© 2014 RichardBBenson


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