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Was No Dream

Updated on September 27, 2018
Many odd lights seen at Stone Hinge and around the English countryside. as well as around the entire planet.
Many odd lights seen at Stone Hinge and around the English countryside. as well as around the entire planet.

Back in 1973, in a big field, while hunting quail.

I meet up with five flying saucers, no balloons.

Four stayed still way up in the sky, not to move,

As one made non-believers change their tunes.

I took a young fellow hunting with me that day,

One from where I taught in a local high school.

With parent's permission and in stressing safety,

Got our okay to hunt, as we followed every rule.

As the boy was just about to shoot at some quail,

Was then, that a covey had flown up just in view,

Pointing his gun in that same spot as those UFOs,

He did shoot, I had yelled to stop, as saucers flew.

One big saucer seemed to head on in our direction,

Was gaining speed and was a frightening situation.

It, as wide as a house nearby quietly came our way,

Was no dream, yet, dream-like, as in an infatuation.

We managed in getting away, both leave that place,

Got in the car and were then about to drive on home.

Out in that field, a high column of white smoke rose.

Its purpose there was so strange and was unknown.

Back in town, we informed the local sheriff of our day,

He said not to worry, for he had also seen some UFOs.

One hovered above this lady's house, on one evening,

Turning on his lights, to fly away, where, no one knows.

Other folks in the town had similar events back then,

Red orbs flew all in the night everywhere, it did seem,

Not just in this one area, but around that countryside,

Was perplexing and mysterious for all, was no dream,

So many have been seen in the skies since those times,

Their origins to be unknown and all may never be found.

Many believe crop circles hold the answer, to tell the truth,

Some report being abducted, as well, tales to go around.

One day we may find out about these ships, they're from,

So many have been witnesses and reported all accounts.

Apparent, answers given by those in charge, do not know,

Placed on a long list of mysteries, a challenge to surmount.

Although disturbing to my psyche for some time, I learned to cope by cartoons of space critters.
Although disturbing to my psyche for some time, I learned to cope by cartoons of space critters.


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