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"Watching Kings Eat Meat" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on November 8, 2013

"Watching Kings Eat Meat"

Infatuated with inflation, accumulating sensations

Royal blood waddles proud

Inward fixation, intellectual stagnation

Royal blood screams loud

Carpets of red, pockets lined with green

Hubris proceeds to strut

Aristocratic dress possessing his queen

Vanity proceeds, it juts

The queen can't cook, but oh what a look

Vows exchanged with a wink

Sit down to dine, with china so fine

What does it take to get a drink?

Impatient eyes of haste, buds of impeccable taste, chop chop

His sceptre thrashed against his throne

Hired help am i, a servant left to die, praise m'lord

I a mut, losing my mind, i'm prone

Excellent choices were snorted from their snouts

Swine couldn't wait to feed

Rushing to procure the plump bodied grouse

A lovely choice indeed

Gorging on the dish made for the king himself

A satisfactory nod then a wave

In need of something else, besides exorbitant wealth

Come hither, come here my slave

Questioning and challenging to show he more the man

Silently the slave behaves

Visions of kings stripped of facade... menace calm and quiet

Dancing in the head of the slave

Awakened from thoughts of disobedience, he slinks and crawls away

The king; nice to leave some of his nickels

The pompous beast, swaggers out plump and drunk

Only the best will do for the fickle

Paid sycophants, paid to adore, stroke the ego a lil more

Another, hands the king his silver and bows at his feet

The slave from before, vanishes through a door, plotting to settle the score

What valuable lessons he learned...watching kings eat meat


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