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Water, All Gone

Updated on March 18, 2013


Water, All Gone

I turn the tap,

a cough, a splutter, a trickle

I cry aloud, there's no water

An act of the water supply company

Or, have the reservoirs run dry?

I jump down the stairs

Try another tap, hissing air

Ok, try the hot water tap. Nothing.

No tea, no coffee, no shower, no bath, no water

I collide with a neighbour

Is she running rom a ghost?

No, she has no water

Her kids are caked in mud

Must they stay unclean?

Oh reservoir and well, where is your water?

The sky darkens, the clouds turn grey

Alas, an empty promise of rain

Is this a warning? We will never know

The rivers, the wells, the reservoirs

gave up their last drop.

Now, there is no water.


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