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How To Survive the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

Updated on August 1, 2012

The human race has been fascinated (and terrified) with the idea of people becoming "sick" and turning into cannibalistic monsters for a very long time. Books, TV shows, and movies have all been published, talked about, and enjoyed with a certain degree of anxiety and fear. Recently, stories in the news have popped up about people acting very strangely and displaying zombie-like attributes. Take the Miami "zombie" incident for instance; a guy supposedly high on "bath salts" (who has now been found to have only had marijuana in his system) stripped himself naked and began devouring a homeless man's face, after stripping him naked as well. What caused this? Investigators are still trying to figure this out. Another instance was a man in his house who, after the police came, began throwing his insides at the police. If that does not sound like someone who is sick, I do not know what does. He did have psychiatric issues so this can be ruled out as proof that zombies are coming about. Whether or not he or the "Miami zombie" were actually infected by some zombie virus does not matter in this point in time. What matters is these incidents have stricken fear in many people. With the rate of discoveries that humans are making being so quick, and the amount of experiments being done with drugs, who knows when something might accidentally get out. Who knows what the government is hiding? Or what is inside the locked doors of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) waiting to be unleashed?

Some may think this is silly. Some may be incredibly frightened. The zombie apocalypse may be something we only have nightmares about, or a disease could be unleashed, causing people to become mindless freaks seeking flesh. But it is always better to be safe than sorry, right? Therefore, I have created a list of things one might need or might need to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

First, make sure you are safe. Stay inside a fortified building and board up all windows and doors. Find any weapons you think would be able to take down a zombie, guns preferably. Make sure you have food and water and ways to obtain food and water. If there are other people with you, divide up things to do not only to get things done more quickly, but also to distract people. I would definitely be freaking out if the zombie apocalypse happened and doing something would be the only way to keep me calm.

Second, once you have hunkered down and think you are safe, start planning ways to leave your safe house in order to obtain needed supplies. Decide which people would be the best ones to go out and obtain supplies such as food, water, medicine, blankets, etc. The supplies may not be needed right that minute, but once they are needed, it would be nice to have a plan. If you are alone, stay calm and realize that you are the only one who can keep yourself alive and try to find things you can use to stay alive as long as you can.

Third, always be on a lookout for new weapons. If you have guns and run out of ammo...well... we all have seen enough zombie movies to know what happens. Your best bet would be a hatchet, a hammer, or anything with a handle and sharp point. Personally, I would want a crossbow. It is silent, and you can retrieve your ammo.

Fourth, decide what to do if one of the people you are with gets bitten and is still alive. This will be a very hard decision. I, personally, would ask them what they want to do. If it were me, I would have someone I am close to kill me so that I did not end up hurting someone when I turned.

Fifth, keep your spirits alive. The dead may now be walking around trying to find you and kill you, but you can always hope for either a cure or that you will be able to survive among them, hidden in buildings.

Mainly, the important thing is to always be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. If this ever happens, we will have to forget about all the leisurely time we have, all the luxuries technology has given us, and go back to our primal instincts. Humans have had to survive on almost nothing before, I am sure we could do it again.

These tips are just things I have picked up while watching TV shows and movies, and they seem to be the most logical things to do in case of the zombie apocalypse. Do not think that I am the only one thinking of things I would do and need in case this happens. Some may think I am a paranoid idiot, but like I said earlier, better safe than sorry, right?

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What would you do in the case of a zombie apocalypse?

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    • Hannahr profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Crowley, TX

      Haha! That would have been a good one to put in this! And thanks!

    • Ross Anziano profile image

      Ross Anziano 

      6 years ago from West Deptford, NJ

      Rule #2: Beware of Bathrooms (Zombieland)...nice one.


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