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Ways to Celebrate National Book Month

Updated on December 13, 2011
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.


October is National Book Month. It is a time when the wonderful book is honored and celebrated. How are you going to celebrate this occasion? What ways are you going to honor the book - the prize for all readers?

Join a Book Club

What a great way to celebrate books! The book club is a great place where you can meet with fellow readers and really get into the book. Usually a new book is chosen each month and when the club meets once the book is read, they discuss what they discovered and get into some really good discussions.  With a book club you can read a variety of books and go over questions that make you think about the plot and the characters. You can find book clubs in your neighborhood or even online. Check them out and see what you can do to read a new book every month.

Family Read

Take this month to get your family involved in books.  Choose a book that will captivate the family.  Read it aloud.  Maybe choose a chapter or two a night and read it before bed.  You will find that the family will be looking forward to those quality moments each day.  They will be asking for more after the month is over.  Give it to them.  Show them how books can come alive and excite the imagination.

Book Swap

So many people have books just sitting around the house that they have read and now they are gathering dust.  Encourage them to get more books to devour.  Set up a book swap.  Each person brings their books that they no longer want.  Then they go around and see what others have brought.  Before you know it everyone will have new books to read and even a few deep discussions might begin during the swap.  Give them the chance to read more.

Book Party

There are parties of every kind under the sun.  Why not have a book party?  With this event you can invite your friends and even the ones who are not your friends and have them come for refreshments and to browse the books.  Have it at a local bookstore or a the library.  Have a local author sit and and talk about their work and the value of books.  Show everyone how much fun it can be and where they can find it.

Treat Yourself

One of the best ways to celebrate National Book Month is to buy yourself a book.  Is there a book that you have been putting off buying?  Maybe you just need an excuse to go to the bookstore and load up.  This is it.  Take the time to celebrate the love of books by buying yourself and maybe a friend a book. 

Do not forget to look at bookmarks and bookplates.  You can find so much at the bookstore around the corner that every time you venture in you end up celebrating the written word.

Enjoy the month and rediscover your love of reading as you dive into the pages that could take you to far away lands or in the unknown and magical future.  You can find whole new worlds.  You might find yourself.


How will you celebrate National Book Month?

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    • profile image

      matt 6 years ago

      can anyone hink of other ways to celebrate national book month?

    • profile image

      tom and jerry 6 years ago

      hi been reading like crazy all month long celebration come on

    • profile image

      Gerri 7 years ago

      I've already treated myself, bought 2 good books and I'll just spend more time reading. I will also donate some books to my public library for their book sale and I will be donating some childrens books to a charity that gives books to children who can't afford them.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      I didn't know January was National Book Month. Holy crow, I still must buy "Tristam Shandy". It' still on my list!!! Here we go, I'm treating myself.

      Thanks for a wonderful hub, and a great reminder.

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you WildIris. I have corrected it. I found three sites that said it was January. I verified that it was October. It seems that other groups have made it January instead. But as you said, each month should be book month. :)

      I am reading so many. The current one is a book on Doc Holiday. I can usually crank out a book every couple of days.

    • profile image

      WildIris 8 years ago

      October is National book Month according to The National Book Foundation, but to be honest, every month should be national book month. Bravo for encouraging the rest of us to read a book instead of just a the internet. What are you reading this month?

    • dusanotes profile image

      dusanotes 8 years ago from Windermere, FL

      Another great Hub by one of the most talented Hubbers here.

      Thanks, RGraff, for this Hub. I love books - and maybe all of us do. Thank God for libraries and book stores. My favorite haunts. I don't think we need a book party or any of the things you suggested to make book month memorable. Just read a great book. Don White