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5 Ways to Keep a Journal

Updated on May 3, 2015


I have already gone over the reasons you should keep a journal but now let's discuss some options of how you can go about doing this.

1) The classic way – in a notebook. This is my personal preferred method. It’s easy; you don’t have to wait for your laptop or computer to turn on; it’s just a matter of flipping to a page and pouring your heart out. The art of handwriting is one that all people should continue to carry on. You can always spice up your diary entries using different writing utensils like pencils – regular or colored; pens come is many varieties of color, size, and ink type like gel ink. Gel ink is unique since you can choose from bright colors like yellow or orange and you can use those colors on notebook paper that is colored dark. Since there are so many options you should take the time to discover what your preferences are.

2) Computer/laptop – Keeping a journal on your computer or laptop can be quite beneficial for anyone who can type well. This method allows you to put your thoughts down quickly, leaving little time for your mind to wander and forget what it is you were trying to say. If you do not posses typing skills this method might become frustrating yet on the other hand, it might give you an incentive to take a typing course so that you can gain a new skill.

Two common options you can choose from when it comes to keeping a journal on your computer include Notepad and Word. The simplicity of Notepad will help you write without distraction. Whereas using Word can help you when it comes to style and spelling. You will be warned when you spell something incorrectly or when you make a grammar mistake (not all), which can prompt you to correct the mistake and learn as you go. If you are keeping a journal in order to gain experience writing, this is an excellent tool to take advantage of.

With internet options changing constantly you can also seek out apps that are geared toward organizing your journal entries. Most of these are free and very easy to use.

3) Set up a private blog. This is easy to do. Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger are the more popular blogs that are available. I believe Blogger is the easiest, simplistic format to use. Whereas if you were to set up a public blog, many people recommend WordPress for its many unique features. Whatever you choose, find the settings area and set to private. Begin posting.

One interesting benefit of using a blog is that you can even copy and paste. Links or videos that you find interesting? No problem. Just copy and paste them into your journal. Your personal journal can include anything you would like to include so having this freedom of posting pictures or other things you want to remember can add a special touch to your journal entries.

4) If you're more interested in keeping quick daily notes about each day events, a calendar might be more convenient for you. There are many different calendars you can use, including those small books referred to a daily planners. This short method of journal entry making can be especially helpful in training you to condense your words and phrases.

We live in a fast-paced world where people want quick snippets that explain to them what is going on. Forcing yourself to journal with little room for “extra” words can help ensure that you will never waste words in the future. Sometimes these quick statements may end up being quite humorous, offering you great material to write about in the future when you look back at your calendar journal entries.

5) If you are more of an artistic person, you might want to consider keeping a scrapbook journal. First you will have to have a clear set of goals as to how many entries you will do each month. This method might prove too challenging if you try to complete this daily.

Let's say you decide to do one page each week. In your scrap book you can write the date on the top of each page and begin to paste photos or draw pictures, include text if you like. Add glitter, decorations, or anything that you like in order to make each page vibrant and expressive of the type of week you had. You can make notes directly in the scrap book as well.

This might be a great way to introduce your child into keeping a journal. This is also a great way to compliment other journal methods.

The sooner you get started, the more material you will have and you may even become brave and publish your journal into a book so that you can share with the world.


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