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We 3 Freelancers

Updated on March 26, 2015

The world as we knew it was in a vast power struggle.

Empires rose and empires fell. It was survival of the strongest, and I sometimes wondered if I was being wise in my decisions.

I had power and wealth, but I felt this urge and then it happened.

I was entering the palace and the beggar was near the gate. With his head bowed, he mumbled a prophetic statement.


Your sword and lance will face a divided kingdom. A journey to Athens is in your future.

— The Beggar

I pondered what the beggar had mumbled.

Why would I leave Sicily? I am treated as royalty.

The doors to the castle open and spears are held to his throat. The ones who held them are from the distant land of Spain. The rulers of Sicily sit in the high places of Barcelona.
They mention hanging, and he reacts.

My sword swung with precision. There were 8 dead soldiers laying on the castle floor. As I escaped through the door I just entered, the beggar handed me a slip of parchment. As I swung upon my horse, I opened the parchment to a map showing me a port on the coast. Written in small letters was a name. I rode to the coast.


The Bengal Dynasty

Knighted by Ilyas Shah, Bill was the head knight of the Bengal Dynasty. When other nations attempted to take this African kingdom, it was with Bill's sword and lance that the blood flowed. The Kingdom owed Bill and Ilyas Shah always made sure his top knight was finely rewarded.

Ilyas died and in stepped his son, Sikandar Shah. Sikander did not realize the importance of Bill's gallantry. He took many of the rewards that had been given to Bill, and the straw that broke the camel's back was when Sikander Shah told Bill that instead of being a knight, he would now clean the leader's living quarters.

Bill took his possessions and rode away from the Bengal Dynasty.


Kenneth and Edward III

Kenneth Avery was a fierce knight. He stood as a bulwark in the many missions the great Edward III sent him on.

Battle after battle, Kenneth was a star on the English side.

It was 1369 and King Edward III was getting much older. Still being a warring King, he did not back down from the French. Sending Kenneth Avery, his star knight and the King's son John of Gaunt, the French were victorious.

The son blamed the loss of the war on Kenneth and the king told the knight he was not welcome in England anymore.

Kenneth Avery rode away from England that day.


These 3 knights were what was known as freelancers.

They rode the mountains and when a small kingdom would pay them to defend them, these knights would take the pay and battle with glee.

It was by chance one day that a kingdom within the borders of what we now know as Athens called for freelancers to come bid on being knights for a cause.

It just so happened that Greg, Bill and Kenneth all showed up at the castle that stood on a hill within the city. All 3 men were escorted before the King.

While awaiting the King's entrance, the knights told each their tales of freelancing. They all became friends and then:

The King Enters

All 3 Knights Bow

Greg suddenly realizes that he is facing a man he met much earlier:

The Beggar

Hello Knight Greg

Knight Bill

Knight Kenneth

I knew this day would come and I now send you 3 on your freelancing journey to a new land.

(The King waved his staff and the Knights were in a tunnel of lights and many forms of music)

— The King who was once a Beggar

Freelancers In America

Was it a dream?

I don't think so.

The King sent us into a new freelancing realm.

No longer are our weapons swords, spears and lances. We don't ride horses and wear armor anymore, well maybe Kenneth does. (he gets a bit flaky sometimes)

No, our lance now is the pen, or should I say the keyboard. Actually, I think Bill is secretly using talk to text, but either way, we are all still freelancing.

Do You Freelance?

I hope you enjoyed this fun parody.

I also hope Bill and Kenneth aren't pulling their swords out and buying tickets to Puerto Rico to come and hunt me down.

I invite you to come and visit the new website I have. It is for Freelancers and people who hire freelancers. In all actuality, it is for everyone, because in one way or another, we probably all freelance in one way or another.

Come visit and subscribe for periodic newsletters.

By the way, tell me what you thought of this hub I had fun making.

C'mon and rate this hub

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© 2015 Greg Boudonck


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    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 2 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

      Cool; I am glad you enjoyed it. It was fun making this piece.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      An awesome story, Greg! You had me laughing all the way through. Now I have to find my trusty sword and polish it up. One never knows when there will be a dragon to slay on this fine Friday.

      Thanks for letting me ride along on this adventure. I loved it, my friend.