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We Can't Avoid it so Lets Talk about it, Getting Older doesn't have to be Taboo

Updated on September 30, 2016

To My Dearly Departed

My dearest love, it's been just over a year since you left me

The sun rises and the sunset every day, yet the days are so dark

Memories of us and memories of life anchor me motionless

I can not move forward and I can not let go of the past

Breathing is so difficult these days and living is so exhausting

Our loved ones are trying to help but they will one day see,

That losing a soul mate leaves you so completely empty

Good intentions fill my days and unwanted advice clogs my head

I just want to sit here all by myself I have said

Invitations for outings are greatly appreciated but being the fifth wheel is so undesired

Happy faces and people in love are too much to take when you are so far above

So much to reflect on some good and some bad

With time not on my side and the good Lord in my head

So much hurt and pain with bouts of sunshine before the rain

I laugh and I cry and wonder why oh why

I feel the question down deep inside, and today I begin to cry

I have lived my life and felt the blisters left behind

I know that I am loved but often wonder why

I sit and atone for the mistakes I have made

I get angry and confused at the slightest things

Fighting has long left me and giving up is something I promised you I wouldn't do

I sit and I wonder what do people expect me to do

I am not as young as I once was and my age is recognized by few

Keeping up with the world that goes on every day,

With or without me they have lives to live, so too often I might pray

Please Lord just take me away, I have nothing left except night and day

Stuck in a daze and not able to walk away, life just isn't the life I planned at all

I wish I had the words to make them understand

It has nothing to do with anyone but me

I feel like a burden or obligation to all, but know that they are there if ever I fall

Today I turn to you even though yo are gone

Because you are in my heart so very strong

I wish I could hear your voice and feel your arms

Wrapped around me and holding me tight helping me sleep all through the night

I wonder in the dark listening for you to come to me

Just come set me free

Free from my grief and free from my guilt, free from this emptiness that lives inside

I knew you were leaving but would not believe

Now that you are gone I can' get those days back and for that, I still grieve

I sit and I listen to those who I love and seeing for the first time the mistakes that I had made

and how it affected them in so many ways

I try to find word of wisdom to help them see the light, but for some reason, I just can not fight

Looking too far ahead or too far behind messes with my head and screws up my mind

I live for today and hope to see tomorrows light but I am ready to leave when the time is right

I have nothing on this earth that needs me like I need you

There is nothing in my heart the desires more than a long conversation with the good Lord and you

I am speaking of that day we meet again when the lord has finally excepted my apologies and granted me my pass

The day that I finally come to you with my heart and my mind cleansed of all that was bad.

With arms wide open and our souls united again and our life in heaven will begin

It's a little funny

Click thumbnail to view full-size

We all know its true

Ok let's have a little fun

This is supposed to be the time of our life
The kids are grown and the house is quiet again
The fire still runs through our veins but the body just don't work the same.

Oh honey lets do this
A nooner you say
We've got this, but what's that you say
You forgot to take your medicine today

That's fine I have some laundry to do
Your medicine won't kick in for an hour or two
Don't forget to stretch and bend or you'll throw out your back again
I'll slip into something to set the mood
What do you mean you need some food?

Oh yeah that sound good to me too
we can eat and then finish what we started to do
I'm so full and tired now we can finish our nooner at one or two
Napping now will be fine I think I will down a glass of wine

Oh, honey, it's now that time
I'm feeling frisky I think it was the wine
We probably should hurry so I can cook dinner
I have planned a real winner

You use the restroom first
I have an unusual thirst
We'll meet back in bed
and I will wear the one in red
or maybe I'll wear nothing instead

Please help me with these latches
there is only twenty-two
I'd help you with your buttons
but my fingers won't do

We're only just begun
and the sweat has already started to run
down my face and my crack
maybe I should lay down on my back

What was that sound
Get up off the ground
my legs won't bend like that
I need to lay flat

Ok we will try, but hold on to my thigh
oh my word I am starting to fry
Open the window for a breeze
Ok that's good, I'm starting to freeze

A knock on the door
Be still, even more,
Don't you think about saying a thing
not even if the doorbell starts to ring

Oh good they went away
It's dinner time so what do you say
We will take this up again
Later today

Give me a minute and I will tell you the truth

Just give me a minute and I'll tell you the truth

It is true when it is said that age changes everything
The things we once took for granted are now as precious as ever
We once thought we were invincible and now we know it's not forever
Our health starts to falter and our minds begin to go
Our muscles ache and are energy is low

We dreamed and we wished and we joked about the day
That we would walk around the house in nothing and play
Nurses and doctors or Tarzan and jane
That's all the things that we used to say

Now conversations have taken a turn to
How are your bowels working today

Are they brown, black or grey

Maybe even have you had one today

But none of this a bad thing just life at its best
For we have already done all the rest
Having the kids well that was all fun
Now we would rather stay out of the sun

We avoid all the drama and keep to ourselves
With the idea, that life has been put on the shelves

Don't get me wrong about what I am trying to say
I wouldn't change youth for what knowledge I have gained
But there was a time that this never entered my brain
That I would wake up and say, thank you God for being alive another day

I can only imagine what our children must think
When we moan and groan and we throw a big stink
About how tired we are and how much we need our sleep
probably the same thing that I would say...

It's all in your head and you just need to live
You find too many excuses I think I have said
When others would tell me just wait and you will see
I never thought it would happen to me,

Age comes with glory and a price that you will pay
But in the end, we will live life everyday

Age is not a bad thing as long as you pray
For life to be filled with love for all your long-lived days
With family and friends and the goodLlord on our side
I look forward to finishing this wonderful and exciting ride


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    • profile image

      Cera khan 

      2 years ago

      One day all of us get old, life get short day by day but we gain experience, knowledge and be a better human being because of ups and down we face. Old ones are always teachers..


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