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We Deserve Better

Updated on January 20, 2016




We do deserve to have a little taste of sweet happiness

We do...

The dark clouds went away,

allowing us to see the blue sky,

after a long time spent

in the most absolute darkness.

A drunken butterfly spread

its metallic wing, leaving everybody

mesmerized with its beauty.

Oh, what a beautiful thing to see!

We don't deserve being surrounded

by such a raw form of beauty!

The silence, quietly went away,

leaving our souls filled

with a gentle lullaby.

Oh, what a sweet song!

Made specially for us,

those outcasts

that grew up away

from the sunlight.

This is for us…

This is for nobody else but us.

Please, wise kings,

don´t take a way that sunshine from us.

I don't know if we deserve it…

But who are you, to take it away from us?

Even the freaks deserve to have

a little bit of beauty in their lives.

Tell me, please...

Who could blame us,

just for having our eyes set on the stars?

We deserve the same respect

as everybody else.


A drunken butterfly covered us with its

colorful and bright wings,

protecting us from any form

of bitter wounds.

Smile, little children

of darkness!

We are not alone anymore...

Now, our hearts can jump,

filled with pure joy.


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