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We Live in a Cluster of Bubbles: a Poem

Updated on July 30, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living and a devoted practitioner of many techniques that enhance personal evolution.

We live in a cluster of colorful bubbles

cocooned in what we're calling hope,

keeping ourselves away from troubles

staying clear of the end of our rope.

Survival---with stingy crumbs of true life

that's what it is for the most of people,

just working and planning in an endless strife

while buried in a groove with a spirit that's crippled.

Like robots programmed by a bunch of lunatics

all duped in believing in our free will,

overdosing on faith to become fanatics

and living our hell on a shared grill.

So, hey! What ever happened to a sovereign mind?

The one predestined for us to possess,

with a volition in a liking of a god-like kind

equipped for a divine reality to process.

Are we those same species from distant past

that shame us with some relics of ingenious make,

the ones that refuse to ever crumble in dust

hanging around for eons, for our envy sake.

Could we bust our bubbles and quit lame hoping

which pulls us away from the needed task at hand

responsible for life instead of helpless moping

to fulfill our destiny of being The Man.


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 6 weeks ago from Canada

      Micheal---You got it, my friend, it's all about reclaiming our true neglected spirit which can only show us the path.

      But hey, you got out of labyrinths of human confusion---so my poetical expression couldn't pose much of a challenge to you either.

      It's great to hear from you again, my old buddy.

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 6 weeks ago

      Yet another of your Labyrinths, Vladimir.

      Poetically speaking we might be inclined to free ourselves from a destiny and begin to live spiritual freedom. Being among them but not one of them " The Man".

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 6 weeks ago from Canada

      Louise---I know what you mean. I gave another meaning to hope in the poem. Namely, when we live in the NOW and responsibly do the best that's humanly possible, we don't need the mental crutch of "let's hope some time it will be better".

      People are in a habit of sacrificing this NOW, the only time when life is really happening for the illusion of a dream. On the other hand, we can have a dream---but live it NOW. Otherwise it turns into living in a bubble with a mirage in the future that we never reach.

      But then, I am merely expressing myself and my world of a mental discipline.

      Thank you, Louise, for commenting and for praising my poem.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 6 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      Beautiful poem. I think sometimes it's good to live in a bubble, and always have hope.