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We Take Love for Granted (Act 1, Scene 2)

Updated on July 3, 2017

Act 1, Scene II

Enter Guards. Elijah ducks behind Snow.

Snow: What have we now? Has ye pranked the young princess again?

Elijah: You think rather lowly of me. Alas, they come this way. Here, let us embrace.

Snow: Bah, you’re just cowering behind me.

Thou art like the snake that slithers along the bottom of the ocean,

Searching for prey to quench your hunger,

Or just something for thine entertainment,

Then hiding in some cave when a strong foe arrives.

Elijah: Hm, it’s odd that you bring up the matter of snakes,

It turns out the princess isn’t so fond of them.

Snow: *slaps the back of Elijah’s head*

You’re supposed to be teaching her language, not scarring the poor fool.

The guards turn left onto a dirty, narrow path between two wooden homes.

Elijah: She not so young as she is spoiled.

We’re ten years apart, and I swear I’ve never seen such a vain woman.

She sucks the wealth from her parents,

And grows into this plump, empty substance that barely resembles a human being.

Snow: If the King heard the way you spake,

He would have you thrown in the lake.

Elijah: Better a lake than another second with her.

Snow: Now, you’re just ungrateful,

As the King’s sister, I put my integrity on the line for you.

You wanted a job, I got you one. *She stomps his toe.*

Elijah: *Groans* Are your shoes made of steel?

Snow: If you don’t show up to work tomorrow, you won’t get a chance to heal.

Elijah: I didn’t reckon that you loved your niece so.

She doesn’t speak well of you.

She likens you to the devil,

Saying that you want to change her into something she’s not.

Snow: She has to grow up. Girls half her age are well mannered,

And here she is, throwing tantrums because the tea is too cold.

Elijah: Ghastly, I wonder how she gained those traits.

They say kids inherit their parents’ disposition.

She may have also picked up a thing or two from her aunt.

Snow: *places a hand on his shoulder*

You can walk alone from here, Adieu.

Snow exits.

Elijah: *sighs* I must work tomorrow,

Then woo my lady with flowers.

Something with the azure color that captures the innocence of her ways,

And the bluntness of her actions.

Tomorrow, I’ll ensure that her heart sways.

© 2017 Aristotle Wilson


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    • Aristotle Junior profile image

      Aristotle Wilson 5 months ago from Vancouver

      Thank you for the comment @GalaxyRat

      I put a copyright on it, now, thanks for the reminder :)

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 5 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Excellent! Have you considered placing a copyright on this?