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We The People Of The Zoo-Part 1

Updated on November 4, 2014

Helicopters flew overhead as news reporters tried to find out if the information they were reporting was factual or not. Some still read it as fact, others refused despite the orders of the networks. It appeared that a local aquatic amusement park was reporting the possible theft of a baby dolphin. That part of the story seemed to be a fact. What wasn't confirmed was if an American extremist group had claimed responsibility for the crime. An alleged member of the organization known as Freedom For Everything in the World Now, or FFEWN, sent a text message to a local newspaper that read "the whole country is sick and tired of the atrocities committed by these "animal jails" and we will not stand for it anymore." Local law enforcement was on the scene and trying to determine the points of entry and find any clues as to how the dolphin was taken.

For weeks prior to the incident, protesters marched outside of every zoo, circus, aquarium, you name it. If there were animals inside against there will, people were marching. "What crime did they commit, when did this become legit", became famous chants heard around the protests. The trainers and staff had to have police escorts inside SWAT vehicles just to get inside of the zoos. The circuses themselves closed up shop after a month of dwindling attendance. People were watching the national news every night to help them determine which side to be on.

It was no longer an issue about just about freeing the animals in zoos, but also domesticated animals as well. The months that passed brought more awareness to the issue. People wanted extreme change and were going to Washington to demand it. The FFEWN members were on hand to support their cause. The number of members had grown to over a million in less than six months. As their popularity grew, a new group had sprung up to support the other side of the issue. New World Evolution Freedom Fighters, or NWEFF, was formed hastily to take advantage of an opportunity to spread the word that "even a three-year-old should learn how to shoot a gun". That was a direct quote taken from one of their benefactors on their website.

There were still a select few out there that were still not sure if either side was right. These individuals were seen as outcasts and traitors. Those staying in the middle were even driven from their homes with chants of "if you don't care, get the hell outta here!" Some of the "middlers" had animals, and some didn't. They were trying to hold their families together even when several aunts, uncles, and cousins were getting involved. Some had dogs and cats stolen out of their yards, others came out to see their animals dead. It was mass chaos, without any hope for resolution.

A few weeks after the baby dolphin was pilfered, people on both sides started to lose interest in the movement. There were still the core groups that were always vocal, but the masses had shifted their focus to the news of the day. Families started to mend fences and "unfriended" friends were once again stalking each other. But peace and love were soon tested as they never were before.

Nobody within the three mile radius of the zoo knew what to do. They had never heard the siren before. An armored police vehicle drove up and down each street with the instructions "Close and lock your windows and doors. Please stay inside. More information soon." A student within a close proximity to the zoo received a text message a few hours before that something catastrophic was about to happen. That was the extent of the message. And due to the recently imposed "lights out" rule, the government was authorized to override and or shut off any and all cellular, television, radio, and internet connections if it sees a threat to its infrastructure. And this happened to be a threat.

The first call came in from an older woman about four miles away from the zoo. "Um, I think there is a lion on my porch. No, really there is a lion on my stinking porch!" The 911 switch soon became overloaded with reports of all kinds of animals in yards and swimming pools. Exotic birds were flying around, and monkeys were fighting in the middle of the street!

The extremist group FFEWN had it planned very well. They had used an amazing social media presence to secretly construct the biggest flash mob of all time. All at the same time, and with amazing precision, every zoo, aquarium, and aquatic amusement park was hit. Every door was opened, every fence and wall was brought down. They even had huge planes with vacuums that sucked up the whales and other large aquatic animals. Luckily these animals were brought out to sea or into lakes and streams. They were the lucky ones. The other animals were mostly freed and left to fend for themselves. A good majority went right back into their cages and went to sleep. The ones that decided to make there way into the cities began to attack unsuspecting individuals that were in the nearby parks. There were poisonous snakes in suburban creeks, whales trying to beach themselves on the coasts, and

As most of the animals started to find homes in the woods and hills above the cities, others were still roaming the streets. There were a few human deaths attributed to the releases, but many more animals perished. Hunters were licking their chops every day they were off work. A few days after the release, the two sides decided that maybe they needed to so something to fix the problem. Having talking heads get angry people more riled up seemed like it was not working, so they decided that they both needed to meet somewhere in the middle. And the smartest of the original "middlers" was put in charge. The two sides, still not completely trusting one another, were at least in agreement that something needed to be done to fix the situation.


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