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Life as It Is, Bear, on Earth

Updated on December 16, 2017

As fate will have it, we nothing and time does us all good

Naked we came and naked shall we leave

Corpse laid in state but who deserves the grieve

The living or the dead in this world of cruelty

Where simple circumstances can strip a person off his dignity

Men born with a silver spoon in mouth

Or they that hardly know their own abouts

Riches laid for to enjoy without the need for toil

Or poverty-stricken life with clothes as thick as foil

We all the same but moments and places find its ways

Sure, time and seasons differentiate our days

We are labelled according to our statuses

Restrictions to some while others enjoy extravagant bonuses

Near life and death situations comes our test of faith

The name under which we are all to be the same

The image upon which we were all created equally

The greatest being our most high and almighty

Different names of appellation by different tongues

Different forms of going to Him in all our various lands

But some in truth just resort their lives to helpless beings

With the intention of making it at all means

Some people living in mansions and others on the streets

Feeding from the unhealthy as their only way and eating proper meals

Receding to deceitful people for remedy when desperate

Or affording to pay for the right services when constrained

A cut or a wound which can be fatal

An illness or infection that can be very brutal

The look into the eyes of a loved one

When they fading away or can hardly hold on

The wish and earnest prayer for them to get strong

The fear and sorrow deep within us we cannot even show

Just to strengthen them with hope to go on with the dose

Man is nothing without his creator

And nothing we earn or gain can make us greater

For nothing we came to this earth with

And absolutely nothing we can leave here with

©KKP (Kwame Krakye Poku)


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