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We are not NIGGERS anymore! (A Poem)

Updated on March 30, 2012

By any means necessary!

I originally wrote this poem in a hope to show young people that using the N-word was something that they could change because I think that so many of them understand the power of acceptance. However, today I am posting it as an anthem to Trayvon Martin. I am posting it because most whites still don't understand why blacks get so angry when our children are brutalized in plain sight and no one is held accountable. I once watched a documentary where a guy said about the constant harassment that black people went through before the explosion of the Watt's riots, and I'm paraphrasing, that each time a tragedy like this happens you are feeding me a spoon full of hate. Every time a child is shot, an that includes black-on-black crime, you are telling me you hate me. Every time no one is arrested, you are telling me you hate me. I have never been arrested. I have always worked and I have always believed in equality for all and in justice for those who commit crimes. However, now I'm angry and I don't know how to stop it, so I write about it. Peace.

We ain’t niggahs no mo!

400 years of slavery where our women were raped

We were beaten, starved, and lynched

400 hundred years of being degraded

With a word that was formed out of brutality

I can’t understand why the sons of Royalty

Would label themselves as animals

I can’t understand why the root of mankind

Would continue to dishonor those who came before us

We ain’t niggahs no mo!

Term of endearment

Tell that to Malcolm X

Because we are brothas

What family kills itself?

Every time we acknowledge the word niggah

We accept a chain that was intended

To destroy our souls and to delete our humanity

It allows us to see ourselves as less than animals

It helps others justify their guilt

We ain’t niggahs no mo!

Term of endearment

Tell that to James Meredith

Because we are brothas

What family kills itself?

I reject the moniker of hate

It existed in the past

But it does not apply to me

I am a powerful Nubian Prince

Whose legacy was written

Before history was recorded

I am not a nigger anymore

Term of endearment

Tell that to that to those four little girls

Because we are brothas

What family kills itself?

It's time that we realize

That Bob Marley was right

We can ‘emancipate’ ourselves

By throwing off part off the yoke

That binds us to a past of violence

We ain’t niggahs no mo

by Bruce Bean


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      It is a shame that human beings have actually treated one another like dirt, and abused them, and destroyed their self worth, and dehumanized them, and all the worst things you can imagine, but its even more worse for the fact of the young people of today to use such language like its OK.

      I feel your pain and also help it all stops habueld, it truly isn't right to speak such hateful things towards on another for sure, this is one serious heart felt poem, with a great deal of passionate meaning behind it all, it was so intense, voted up.

    • LHwritings profile image

      Lyndon Henry 5 years ago from Central Texas


      Habueld, thanks for sharing this. Thanks also for posting the photo of Malcolm X -- one of my heroes. I've voted this Up and Interesting.

      For me, the N-word is a vile word, with immediate connotations of the horrible violence associated especially with the Segregation era (which you've noted in some of your other articles).