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Weapon of Heart Destruction (A Poem)

Updated on October 14, 2014


This poem was written during a very dark few months in my life following the end of an abusive relationship, and it explains both the anger and the heartbreak associated with the ending of a relationship and searching for some sort of comfort to compensate for such a loss, which is not very easy.

You know your weapon

And used it well

Few words, a touch, a smile

My guard, it fell

The shot was on target

It went right through my chest

Slaughtered my morals

Left me to clean up the mess

It was you, it was me

It was wrong, now I see

It was you, no -- it was me

It takes two to tango

In this deadly dance

No strings attached

Forget that!

Your hands, I still feel

Your voice, I still hear

Your lips, I still feel

My heart, I suddenly fear

Set fire to this

Burn it, eliminate it

Crush it, destroy it

Break it, smash it

Forget it, forget it

I am holding a grenade without a pin

Eventually, it is bound to win

Either way it is going to explode

Hurt me or hurt the ones I know

Easy choice

He doesn't know,

He won't know

He can’t know

I suffer alone

See what you’ve made me? (See what I’ve become?)

See what you’ve done? (See what I’ve done?)

See what you’ve created? (See what I’ve destroyed?)

A stiff drink to get these thoughts out of my head

I want a blank mind when I go to bed

‘Cause more than once you've been in my dreams

This guilty conscience will be the death of me

You know your weapon

And used it well

Few words, a touch, a smile,

Now everything has gone to hell

By Ashley Budrick, 2013


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    • Rebekah Ozanne profile image

      R.Oz 3 years ago from Western Australia

      I felt the pain.... I love to write poetry when I'm hurting it seems to help sift through the flood of thoughts and slow them to a trickle.