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Websites where you can promote your books

Updated on January 18, 2014
Writing can be tough but promoting your work  can be much harder.
Writing can be tough but promoting your work can be much harder. | Source

Free book promotion websites

Promote book

Taking advantage of different marketing strategies is the surest way to achieving some needed success, in promoting your book, the various opportunities that are available to an author is paid placement, paid advertisement, billboards, multiple listing for both paid and free promotions. The websites we will showcase all have free book placement, listing and some of them paid listing.

Bargain book hunter

The bargain book hunter is a website where you can list your free kindle giveaway; it has many platforms to choose from such as the sponsored book category, free book notifications and guaranteed free sponsorship. The book powerhouse showcases well over 100 books each month highlighting guaranteed bargains and new exciting up coming publications.

They cover well over 12 genres from fiction, non fiction, romance, fantasy and many more sub groups, in order to get the best viewing the author has a choice of free listing which should be done at least 2 weeks to your free give away or to use their paid guaranteed placement which attract a $20 fee. They are innovators and constantly seek new marketing strategy to help authors reach their teeming audience.


The ebook lister has free kindle books displayed on the website daily; they have the non fiction category, fantasy, and horror and adventure books. They allow authors who have listed there kindle books as free, the website provides a form that the author can use to list his freebie and reach the general public. The list involves the author’s name, book title. Email address, authors URL, the Amazon kindle asin, when the book is free and submit. Listing your book with ebook lister is absolutely free.

Author marketing club

The website is a hub for authors who have free kindle promotions coming up, the website has gathered several book promotion websites in one place so the author or publisher need not stress himself logging through many promotion website. All the author needs to do is click on the icons, read the term of service in each website he intends to launch his free kindle the fill the forms individually and submit, mind you condition for submitting your book differs in each website.

Awesome gang

Awesome gang has an interesting segment where they interview authors so as to give potential readers a pulse of the writer, interviews work in favor of authors by letting the general public have an insight to the creative process that was involved in making the book. Awesome gang also has the free book to writers section. Authors are allowed to submit there free books for free, the offer free eBook promotions and also have featured books on the website. Promoting your book is a good way of raising awareness and getting good reviews and future sales.

Selling your books in an open store
Selling your books in an open store | Source

Promote Your Book For Free is the home for kindle directs publishing which is a self publishing website, having your book on the platform alone is a great achievement but like all publishing houses the tool of promotion is needed to push the publication to higher levels and reach your audience. The website has provided several ways in which the author can launch his promotional campaign. Free give outs of a period not exceeding 5 days is one of the services provided by Amazon, it is an effective way to promote your book.

You can successfully start your free kindle promotion by logging into your bookshelf, check the book you want to promote and click on promotions, in the capsule that opens write title of book and dates when the promotion starts and ends, the maximum days allowed is 5 days. After submitting your book it will appear in all( note.this is an affiliate amazon affiliate link )-Amazon book stores for that period effectively reaching a wider audience, Amazon stores can be found in Brazil, Mexico, India, America, Spain, Japan and United Kingdom.

Jungle deals and steals

The website jungle deals and steals was started by two enterprising women who believe best buys can happen with discounted products if you can find them, the mom and daughter combination of terry and mandi Ethan the author of life your way find great and exciting deals for there subscribers. The deals may include household items and books, hey focus on Amazon products and find lowest prices.

In jungle deals and steals you can find free kindle books, add on items, auto renewal, a magazine and your daily deals all at lowest reasonable prices or freebies.

Multi book publishing

You might ask what I meant by multi book publishing, the concept is publishing a single book on different platforms and publishers, the reason such an arrangement might work is the additional exposure the book gets from all the different market places. One of the top most authors said that his success in reaching the 1 million sale marker was due to this method. Although I am eager to try out the technique I must confess I haven out had the time. There are many book publishers out there some of which are Lulu, Amazon, Kobo B&N and many more.

Armadillo ebooks

Armadillo eBooks hosted on word press highlights books that cover numerous categories from fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, poetry, adventure and non fiction. They allow authors to submit there free books and also provide free and discounted books to there subscribed members.

Many solutions abound for authors who want to reach there audience, the methodology is only limited by the marketing skills of the self publisher.

Free Kindle Promotion websites

Self publishing is not a bed of roses when it comes to reaching your audience when you consider the millions of publications made each year, book promotions can be done either through an agent or by yourself depending on the budget you have at your disposal. You can pay for advertisement space in top websites or magazines and reap the profit later or use free listing websites to drive traffic to your book.

They only problem I have observed is to get free listing of priced books is difficult without paying for the service only free books seem to have a place in many website. Some websites you can list you free giveaways.

Kindle books and tips

The kindle books and tips is meant for authors that are on Amazon and want to promote there Amazon books, the website has well over a thousand other books, short stories category, old entries, free kindle books and free listing with book links. They also offer advertisement opportunities with different blogs, accept subscription and give notifications of up coming promotions, the author can add announcement list to the book feature by including his name and email.

Addicted to ebooks

Addicted to ebooks have on their website paid advertisement, paid book placement, free kindle listing and other free book listing, the slight different in regular listing is that they allow you upload the image of you book set price, categories genre, offer a description of the content of the book and rate the book, if it is fiction, nonfiction, if there is obscenity and so on. Within the free promotion period you can find you book on there webpage and even edit it.

Use a blog

Starting a blog dedicated to the book is not a bad idea, it is easy starting one all you need is to use free hosting websites like blogger, or word press templates to get your book across. Many authors have blogs but if you don’t want to start one join an article directory like yahoo contributor network, Hubpages, Squidoo, Xomba, bubbles and many more. You only need to join one and write content pertaining to your book or books and highlighting your book on your article page. You might even like the article network and make a little residual income on the side

Offline promotion

If you have some money to spare you can use offline placed advertisement to boost your book sales and attract the much needed attention, the method is very effective especially if you take out a small advertisement in a national daily or magazine. Radio advertisement is also effective but not as effective as print media, you can take interviews or paid advertisement on television this method is costly and not advised because the out come might be unpredictable.

Organize book signings is a very direct way to reach your audience, they can interact with you and you book can be displayed in the stores or book store. I like this method because you can check the pulse and views of your readers while making some good cash

Book promotions either done by large publishers or self publisher should be well coordinated and controlled, order your priorities, technique and strategy before embarking on a marketing program.

Taking Stock
Taking Stock | Source

Top places to promote your book

Promote your book through book promotion website they are good cost effective and would drive much needed traffic to you book page, I should know in my first promotion in one day I had 650 downloads, bellow are some websites that allow authors list there free books.

Flurry of words

Flurry of words is an interesting website dedicated to books and book promotions; they have new releases, 99. Cent book, they highlight bargain books and indie books. Other feature on the website are book of the day, 5 advertisement options for authors, guaranteed paid placement and other services, the books cover various categories like fantasy, romance, fiction and non fiction.

Kindle book promos

Kindle book promos, feature deals, kindle books, kindle author biography and work, free book giveaways, erotica and free book listing. The author can submit the kindle direct publishing free days to be featured on the website, kindle book promos is a good place to start your marketing.

How to start a promotion campaign

1 publish your book

2 use free promotion websites

3 list your book

4 if on Amazon use free book promotion days

5 use offline resources like television, radio, newspapers

6 start a blog dedicated to the book

7 join an article directory an feature your book

Your daily deals

Your daily deals offers free daily deals, free kindle books and other books currently listed as free. You can down load kindle fire and use to get free publications, the website is owned by Blake Dresden. Some other promotion websites you can use are the frugal eReader, bargain books, armadillo ebooks and kindle book and tips.

There are many promotion website that you can use all you need to do is find the one that best appeals to you.

Which book promotion website do you like

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10 Websites to Promote Your Book

Self publishing entails doing everything on your own it is not easy but can be rewarding and fun, online self publishing websites like Amazon, Lulu B&H have many writers who otherwise would not have found their voice a way to publish there work. Publishing your work is only the first step, after writing and publishing the real work begins that is how to reach your audience.

Promotion websites abound on the internet and they are useful tool for authors, they mainly accommodate free promotions but if you are willing to pay they will feature paid placement, bellow we have listed ten website where you can promote your books.

1 Your Daily Deals

2 Kindle book Promos

3 Kindle book and Tips

4 Bargain book hunter

5 Addicted to ebooks

6 Kindle direct publishing

7 Jungle deals and steals

8 Digital book end

9 Deal seeking mom

10 E book deals of the day

There is many more numbering close to 70 website where you can promote your books, so check them out and start promoting your book on any platform of your choice. Other methods you can use to promote your book are newspaper publication, advertisement, interviews, open signings; hire a publicist and many more.


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