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Wedding Card Sayings

Updated on June 10, 2013

Promise and Love

Love | Source

Sayings for a Wedding Card

Finding just the right words to say thank you for a gift or to congratulate can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you're in a rush to get things done.

Here you'll find a collection of original sayings that you can write on the inside of a wedding card.

Let's start with Congratulation Sayings for a Wedding Card:

  1. Everyday is a beginning when you're with the one you love
  2. May your life become the beautiful piece of art you plan to paint
  3. Joining together to be as one brings light in love
  4. May your love carry you through the years
  5. It's the 'staying' that makes a marriage work
  6. The secret to a successful marriage is a combination of love and consideration
  7. May you impress each other everyday with the gift of kindness
  8. You are both a beautiful example of love and commitment
  9. In each others arms; the safest place in the world, congratulations
  10. If you need the secret to life, just hold each other close, and you'll always find the answer there
  11. Some people think there are directions in life; truth is, the only direction you need to ever worry about is choosing a road where you're both together at all times

A Fridge Magnet for a Loving Couple
A Fridge Magnet for a Loving Couple | Source

Funny Sayings to Put Inside a Wedding Card

A little humor for the happy couple:

  1. Are you sure you want to do this?
  2. What happens when the hypnosis wears off when you're on your honeymoon and you find out you're married?
  3. Happily ever after...sure why not
  4. You are now entering the Twilight Zone
  5. Don't worry be happy
  6. Give her the house now
  7. If you sign the marriage certificate and the divorce certificate at the same time you can save on legal fees
  8. Marriage is like a hockey game, sometimes you have to play defense
  9. Getting married is the joining of two bank accounts
  10. Your money is her money and her money is her money
  11. You are teaming up to become a fighting force
  12. Glad you both decided to jump off the cliff. Wear a parachute.
  13. Getting married is like eating ice cream, it's all sugary sweet unless you have to eat the whole container
  14. If you've never held on tight, after your wedding day you should start!
  15. Don't be afraid, man up and say I Do!
  16. Take a good look at the mother again

Mushy Sayings to Put Inside a Wedding Card

  1. Love each other with all your hearts, and never let go of that feeling
  2. It's being one from two that creates the deepest love
  3. The joining of two people is the unification of two souls
  4. Your love is an example of how each of should love in life
  5. The depth of your relationship shows character and heart
  6. Hold each other close and never let go
  7. By taking a chance on love, you won each other and thus won the lottery
  8. He loves you deeply, you are truly blessed
  9. You're starting a beautiful life from a very solid foundation
  10. The way he looks at you makes us all wish we had that kind of love in our lives
  11. Hold hands, hold hearts and hold on tight while you build a beautiful life

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Sayings for the Wedding Shower Card

  1. This gift to honor your promise to each other
  2. Bed sheets, a Nightgown and Bubble Bath - all for the love you share with him
  3. In a few months you take his hand and say 'I Do' - so here's some wine to carry you through til that day happens
  4. You are about to bite the dust in marriage, so here's a french maid dusting outfit
  5. Love him badly, deeply, madly and creepily...that should keep him wondering
  6. Stock up on Tylenol - Headaches could be frequent
  7. Whips and chains will probably make him smile
  8. Never fear, he is your dear, but just in case, here's a case of beer to keep the cheer
  9. When life gets hard just be grateful he isn't
  10. When life gets easy just be grateful he is

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