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Wedding Photos from Cousin Pansy and Cousin Jethro

Updated on March 9, 2010

Howdy Cousin Deputy Doug,

Hyar is th' pitchers ah promised fum Cousin Pansy an' mah weddin'. We held th' weddin' outdores at Possum Holler. All of th' fambly was thar. We is so'ry yo' wasn't able t'be thar. Cousin Pansy says howdy-doo an' be hankerin' t'knows when yo' will be visitin' agin. We hope ev'rythin' is gwine fine in Geektopia.

Love Cousin Pansy an' Cousin Jethro

It starts out wif me pickin' up mah right purdy blushin' bride in a stretch limosine at th' 7 Eleven when she got off wawk.

Mah Pappy scooted down t'th' Burger Kin' t'pick up th' grub fo' th' weddin' recepshun.

Ah took mah blushin' bride t'a place whar she c'd git ready fo' th' weddin'.

Mah bride was havin' problems wif a wawked up stomach, eff'n yo' knows whut ah mean, so we had th' pretcher meet us near th' outhouse fo' th' ceremony, jest in case.

Af'erward, Paw took a pitcher of mah bride by her noo tracko'.
It was a weddin' gif' fum Uncle Billy Joe.

Granny had th' right fineer all stocked up wif beer.

Uncle Bubba dragged out th' Barbeque grill, ah reckon.

Cousin Lester took t'roastin' some hot houn'dogs.

Meanwhile, ev'ryone injoyed some yard games.

Some of th' fellers went water skiin'.

Them Hatfield gals brought their guns, jest in case. Now thar's some fine lookin' wimmen! Fry mah hide!

When all th' celebratin' was on over, ah took mah bride t'our honeymoon sueyte.

It even had air corndishunin'.

Af'er th' honeymoon we loaded up an' moved.

To our right purdy waterfront corndo.

Whar we is livin' th' fine life... :)


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