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Wednesday a Year later

Updated on December 4, 2010

What is this?

When I wrote "Wednesday" that was a while ago. Since then the owner has moved to a new location that is larger and cooler. So i felt like writing a new thing about the new store. This was written Saturday Dec. 4th 2010.

If you have not read my first Wednesday it is right below.

Wednesday A Year Later

There stand now before me two doors.

The one one the left leads to great girly gifts and pretty pirate paraphernalia. The right one holds crazy couragious comics and mighty mountains of manga.

I enter the door on the right. The store like the Tardis has traveled to a new location and things are bigger on the inside then they look.

And there he is jolly like Santa yet clearly distributed over something. As normal is the late arrive of the new issues of comic books causing these tremors in local force, until we realize he forgot lunch.  As he goes to gather food right on time reguals and toursist slither into the store making it lively and busy.

I hear wifes giggle to each other over wonderfully cute gifts and singing teddy bears while the  husbands try to reconnect to their long lost adolescences of fighting crime along side batman. And running near my feet little ones learn more how to read with the help of spider-man.

The shipment then does come with many strange-wonderful goodies in tow. Life in this little world in the town of old is good. Amazing fantasy's run wild. And now I look at you peeping in from the window and ask. "What door do you chose?"


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