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Updated on August 30, 2014

As I pedalled my rugged way

Towards the goal of my intent life

Bumped I into various hurdles;

At every hard bump,

The seat of immense faith

And the tires of hard labour

Lifted me up towards the steadfast hope -

(The higher the bump,

The greater the height);

Holding fast to the bars of deep conviction

Quite skillfully balanced I

My stuttering ride,

Opponents approaching,

Both opposite and along;

Applying witiful breaks in times of need

And keenly speeding up while I could,

With tasty target in my hungry eyes,

Brushed I these dust of distractions!

On realizing my long-cherished dream of bread-win,

Quietly reflected I,

But for these chasing impediments

I would not have made this soon,

My persistent journey!

Thanks to the hounding obstacles

Which threatened me in wheeling ways!


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