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Well , Darlin' I hope you Love me too

Updated on August 16, 2012

Well, Darlin' I hope you Love me too

And so I waited for you darling , as a storm it roared and cried

so I waited for you softly, while the stars wondered why you hadn't arrived

but I sat thinking strongly , I knew you would come soon

well I waited so long, the purple flowers began to bloom

and I never had a doubt what feelings you might have

well I always knew you would never make me so sad

so I sat and thought

while I sat and fought back all of my tears

Remeber when you said I was a beautiful girl,

I was so very happy I almost told the entire world,

well my friends are getting awfully sick of hearing your name

and my feelings are getting awfully tired of playing this game

of love, of hate , 'oh stay' , i'l wait ,

for you .

Well darling the week goes by so slowly when I wait to see your smile

but I can't help but look forward to you noticing me, for just a little while

Oh I know I already told you but you have a great laugh

and I like that little face you make while your taking a nap

so il sit and wait and anticipate

well , darlin' I hope you love me too.


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