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Wendy Anne's Ascenscion

Updated on November 14, 2019
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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Monica Viera and I'm an author and blogger regarding the literary market's most contemporary pieces.

Who is Wendy Anne?

Wendy Anne has been working on an ambitious four-book series, Ascension. Sage, the first book in the series exquisitely blends romance, fantasy, the metaphysical and erotica seducing readers with sensual and mysterious plots. Drawing from her personal inspiration, including her early love of music and dark romanticism, along with her spiritual studies and knowledge, has impacted her writing making it completely unique and engaging. Sage’s spiritual journey incorporates traveling to higher dimensions, lucid dreams, and the ability to communicate with forces that can change the fate of all humanity. In Wendy Anne’s capable hands, the reader is transformed and entertained along the way. Hailing from Worcester, Wendy Anne’s unconventional upbringing surrounded by eclectic backgrounds paved the way for her unique voice and artistic vision.

Behind the Scenes of Ascension

What sparks your creativity?

I’m deeply impacted by Earth’s beauty, the prospects of spirituality, scientific breakthroughs, certain quotes, heartfelt lectures, many genres of music and literature that awakens my senses. Meanwhile, fellow artists, activists and writers who offer constructive censure, amicable discussions, and philosophical breakthroughs nourish a great deal of my creativity, because I enjoy when unhealthy boundaries cease in the wake of art, science, and philosophy.

What do you love most about being a writer?

Writing is my favorite way to archive knowledge, unleash creativity in the form of poems and fictions, or attempt to unhinge myself and others from the illusion of this sometimes skewed reality. There is great power in words, which is seen from the Smaragdina Tablet to the New Testament, and with said power, profound connections are made and entire societies are changed.

Who were your early influences?

My life was full of amazingly influential people during adolescence, though I was also infatuated with musicians like Pink Floyd, NIN, Tori Amos, 80’s Metallica, Alanis Morissette, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Maynard James Keenan, the Beatles, DMX, and Enigma, and I loved plenty of R&B, oldies, industrial, orchestra, Celtic, Caribbean, New Age, all temperatures of rap, rock, and metal (especially heavy metal). While horror fictions resonated with the confusion that I sometimes felt, and occasionally worked to distract from emotional issues, I’ve always relished in philosophy pertaining to love, nature, and heroism, whether found in music, fiction novels, comics, lectures, documentaries, mythologies, or conversations with deep thinkers. Even while I’m still in love with many of my childhood inspirations, I’ve since added Leonard Cohen, Anne Rice, Jane Austin, Manly P Hall, Kerli, Alicia Keys, Lana Del Rey, Suresh Stigmata, Alex Grey, HR. Giger, Dali, Boucher, Tesla, Einstein, Edgar Kelley, Samuel Johnson, and countless others to my inspirational Hierarchy.

Your novel Sage is ambitious and unique; how did you conceive of the story?

There are many concepts that make up Sage, which was revised three times, each in six-month intervals. In 2009, I spent roughly six hours a week on the first 68,000 words exploring the realms of sex, romance, mystery, and adventure. Next, I came across a gentleman named Paul, who, for a short time helped with edits while saying nice things to make it less difficult. Unfortunately our literary union didn’t last long, but he influenced my direction and plot with a single-phase ‘Remember that love is the truth and sex is the lie!’ I surmised that revelation and used it to power my philosophies during my second and third rounds, and as I kept thoughts of love’s superiority to sex in forefront of my mind, I maintained respect for the sexual beast that makes procreation and sensual fantasies possible.

Tell us about your character, Sage, she’s a fascinating and powerful woman, how much of you is in her character?

I poured a lot of inspiration into Sage, and most of my inspiration derives from many life experiences. Her career, ideologies, artistic and spiritual knowledge come from a place of hope and life lessons, but Sage is an avatar whose fate I control, and too much of my life would be redundant. Her house is the perfect example of what I mean; there’s no such home in existence, half of the design is completely imagined, and the other half encompasses many of the places I’ve lived.

Sage’s alternate spiritual life is impactful, can you tell us about the ancient secrets she unlocks on her journey and how it informs her life?

Sage’s spiritual journey incorporates traveling higher dimensions, encountering talented mediums, and intense lucid dreams that help her to discover certain realms that only ascended masters are said to distinguish. Within the knowledge she obtains, is the ability to communicate with forces that can change the fate of all humanity.

What do you hope readers will take away from the book?

I hope readers will feel an innate connection with the main characters, and enjoy reading the passage as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, it would be wonderful if the innuendoes and overall messages of spiritual and historical continuity, infinite love, and anti-fascism are recognized and appreciated as much as the erotica and mystery.

Tell us about the other books in this Ascension series.

Sage is imbued with erotic and fiery overtones to seduce readers to traverse topics that bring about the transformations that pilot the reader to transition from finite to immortal, organic to the spiritual, third dimension to fifth, and lust to love. The books to follow are similar regarding growth and progress, but while Sage is predominantly about sex to love, Lilly is more about chaos to peace; Terry darkness to light, and Trina, sickness to health.

For more information on Wendy and “Sage,” visit:


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