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Updated on December 4, 2010

What this is

Another Writing of mine from early 2010. His was written to show a person. I picked a good friend of mine. He owns and runs a comic book store in the old town of Florence Oregon. Wednesdays are "new comic book" day for the shipment of new comics arrives on that day just about nation wide. As for describing this good friend of mine I will leave it up to my writing to describe this laid back, and friendly guy.


I enter the store. It is just past noon and, as is normal, he is at his desk/counter/lunch table. He is as jumpy as a frog in France; the shipment is late, but he gives a jolly laugh and smiles at me, causing him to resemble a certain red suited man at Christmas time. The florescent lights reflect off his glasses and he makes a joke to cover his aggravation with UPS.

The second the new books arrive, he stacks them next to the counter and decides to have his lunch. Some of the peanut butter oozes out on his fingers, and the Gatorade dribbles off his lips as he asks me how I’m doing. Once done, hands are made sparklingly hygienic. It is time for work. His delighted demeanor dissipates, putting Oscar the Grouch to shame. I try to make another joke but his job comes first. He scans the issues hastily into the mainframe, but then as if they are children, floats them carefully into their protective sleeves and boards locking them in with tape.

Soon other customers arrive and try to tell him comic jokes too. They distract him for a second or two but there is still a few issues left to bag. At last, it’s finished! His jolly laugh puts a lion to shame, as he out does all the regulars with the facts and info of their favorite heroes. He keeps all full of joy until the day stops. I leave.


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