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WestNorthEast 2.10

Updated on March 6, 2015

Loco for my locomotion

West North East

My new patent im going to watch like a hawk, proximeter slash radar sensor for bluetooth or external devices that beeps faster or says warmer when close looking for help

Part 1 Apathy Tinge

Swine Sac

I'm 22 and allot like you,

Capsules of dreams down the drain,

Dissolved by choice, left too.

Still a man apparently,

Lovely smile with not the slightest disdain,

The only hope is to hide myself ‘till you've diluted enough of me.

Vice Versa,

You please with a curse of lifted mist after a cloak and dagger reign,

You baby, you! How? Now do the mountains bow to your crescendo?

A corpse, tombstone...

"Only Sucka's Restrain"

Then Clit Lit The Land

I knew her type, there is only one, just variations.

Necessity of tragedy to match hers, delirium is the only contemplation,

Had been told men truly love you when your shoe laces are tied, care or caution,

It gets slippery, we know, treading around 99% of adjectives is a man's sole preoccupation.

Unworthy Medusa

Born legend.

Alone; your wasteland.

Float in your swift sand.

Caught in smoky slipstream.

Of intangibility and a one man team.

What it is, a Police berries and moon cream,

Trespassing past sweaty glass

Of a nearly extinct ride, cast

From battle station and back to the fun of the hunt, I leave you pissed.

Match a fighter, shy merlot (catch a tiger by the toe)

Filled with clever blind and green ambition, one over 7 bills,

New interests fill voids of failure.

Just one would intrigue, stripper and a church singer... a con?

I started in the playground. Lies, I deserve? Truth? Yolk and white scrambled pure.

Vines growing every direction, now subconscious torn for any form.

It's not me to label a girl who calls herself God's princess.

E.T. phones for a known home, lucky, if she doesn't, we'll both remain estranged.

For lover's quarrel, family's' bicker but strangers throw out new from the hangers.

Suicide Station

Where even mushrooms grew wrong,

Once yells for help, no one at a time.

Salty stench bloomed according to the silent song,

For timeless black, while the silence is a dolphins crime,

We hate, but pray for one, rise to divine.

He sends us a repression,

And mushroom stumps that gave up,

In a harmonious, sweaty composer's succession,

Turned for the worst and burned like spotlights, the last to see theirs, finally, accidentally cuts.

Solid air, it, me alienated

Only on once tribal conquests do teachers, doctors and holy men counter altruism for bigger berries & ripe chevys, one at a time; this instinctive structure.

Only in this New Rome, do Romans do what they do everywhere.

Only in this cage where a cat can’t stand or lay are lasers out of reach.

Only in this melting pot 1st, are youth troubled from mixed ingredients from no worlds.

Only in the adolescence of a century is everyone stuck in headlights.

Spartan Sprain

Intimacy where your exhale becomes my in and mine yours until were locked in a smoky garage, excessively eternal lust, a hundred and one Dalmatians.

Then back to concrete inexcusably implausible sad potency of the 3rd, from grains of skyscrapers and art it choke persuasive carnations from higher scrapers.

Life-limitlessness, adversaries- ceaseless dancing and caressing- dripping faucet births to vaporized death- dimensions apart yet sense is lost in oak.

Spontaneous asteroid ricochet over & over losing steam we abide swiss cheesy and easy love, your played out void to your hide, I seek divide.

Overachieving Undescended Testicle of the Overcompensating Shaved Lion

What if life took the two of us, to a playground of unbeknownst?

Gathered now, but tall apes take us far with that leaf, faster than rivers flow,

To descend in a cage, and call us tame.

Next to a clueless panda, no pride and useless roar, sure show,

Showered ceaseless in cacophony light, tears show only in shunning night,

What’s the difference; we never had chance in the queen’s pants.

Path of the Crossed Fingers

Sometimes father's eyes

Must emulate to infinite π's

Chaotic, like a free dessert LSD type Optimist

Controlled, laughter at Death Alchemist

This dimension useless

Too much blood to face any less

Decision making time

Stray clay bullet with eyes lime

Ripe or blue mold, perception duality, more like 7 fold

Peasant Rage rules Russian cold

Stuck in a trance obeying right wing rules

Gotta handle that tush at least the in heat fools

Painted Jeans

Makes Fiends

Witling soggy wood, Narcissistic Mirrors

Punch 'em stuck Wolverine, she'll open more doors

Epic glory makes past old cash

Tamed the dragon, made him spit, out casted my shadow now I see the clash

Buddhas bandaid

Flowing chandelier eyes, true Kings Shame

Sociopaths and unforeseen inner consumption

Pits too deep and got grit or gumption

To swallow a snake whole now hummingbird full of gleeful bees

Running from past salty tears and faces just phone me

Questions Sex Drugs ________Survival adlib

Alice's scrap book of imagination addicts

back to basics

Did she know she was the chosen rib

Achilles crawling baby with a bite, no fib

Dazed in saying emulations can't see past my innate

Was I a born loner or did that introvert come from being a 1400 calorie inmate

Cunning lingust to Bruce Lee

Show ‘em true East meets West chivalry

Manhattan Project scientists regret

But I wouldn't be able to time travel and spank their parent


Terminator Confidence: Built For da Tough love

Seek and deploy fruits of desperate shameless openness.
Oneness Nothingness Something DEVIOUS like Lochness.
Dangerous collaborative masked mind leaves wilting flowers bewildered.
Purpose built to protect the queen but my metal only leaves her shivered.

Swarming hummingbirds we skip Eskimo kisses.
Labyrinth smile and this shark nosedives for other fishes.
Fixation Contemplation I got you by the laces with unforgiving grin
Lips like water balloons but my till then I only think of using invisible pin.

4 fela bipola's

Instant Instinctual Strangler,

Nurtured Passive Wrangler,

Superman without Louis’s Eyes,

Real Kryptonite Focused Surface to Soul Climbs,

Concise point to her tantrum, battle is closed & shut,

Arrogant mimicking, 52 pickup,

Savage expression when my crass heart cut,

We're all in and no turning back, first sight delight, moonlight tongue fight, all gut,

Ambitious inherited pre-planned scalpel to your shiftless love,

Patience for the opportunity to shove,

Direction in an aimless spaceship, that flesh,

Passion or dependence from a regular Gilgamesh.

Tree Breathe

I want to be that spot on your back you can’t scratch,

Or the runt who can't latch,

Maybe the shadow you can't catch,

Certainly the white noise, unresponsive dispatch.

But moreover.

When I'm pleased and confused with you,

I want you with high heels on cobblestone, even Stephen Hawking could pursue,

Nodding along with your crotchet in traffic while you try to sip Unattainable Dew,

While I plot and scheme, better to fetter or I'll find a new muse.

Wormwood in Canary Island

Spectators watching and dreaming about The Great Race.

Racers commuting back to compute their Investments.

Investors speculating world Rates.

These have become a single number of a consumer spectating.

Pie is endless numbers impossible to decipher, describe, determine or discriminate and

yet at we are all on the same rock.

Do billionaires look down at millionaires at urinals?

Aliens Soak in and supersoak the landfill landscape.

Cavemen Pictionary Indulgence Osama Cavealanch.

In debt Master card from Hallmark denied Heaven sent shard.


Window pain stays the same,

As wishy washy briefcase conversations tame,

And grip no reality from fame,

Photocopied, Photo shopped, Photographs for you to frame and kneel to,

We each have our niche of dried bleak telephone of who's the current fave.

I dream mine is thine.

I'll sneak up on 'em with a "contemporary" smile of content,

Turn my back on the "powerful", trick the "wise", and spit on the "tasteful", YES, great resent,

As I make a 51st state for the rest of us whose only fear is enfranchisement and love only the great quest,

To not see or even speak virtue but be the shadow on their window, and shackle to their tempt,

51st infantry with weapons of forever, sun resets the rest.

Right now though, Actual army of one.

Give Steady Pen and Take Wildy Coyote's Match

David and Mona, people, ideas or art?

Durden, Smith & hideous Sidious, only death can part.

Imagination of a world in shags.

Mystery whether Clarice silenced the lambs.

Do we naturally stay away or search out His garden?

Opposition curiosity challenging forever without Barbie's Ken.

Tisk Tisk Children

Lone wolf, full stomach, worthy kills, Alpha with something to lose.

Joined like species on the ark.
Left the tragedy and dark.
Forgetting it’s that same spark.
On the same blessed ark.
I plead and kiss my fist tell him it was the last time.
Nuke in a dart.
Traces of venom just enough for the beast,
Pack of lone wolves feast.
On its own it cuts off his nose,
Patient and prowess, Turtle's grace

Victory Vice

I need to play man hunt.

I play for keeps.

Palms get you mosquito stuck,

Zapped, now join the fleets.

Like heads on the wall,

I blow on the embers I put in eyes,

And turn up sub woofers in ears, I shall,

And wait for the next to rise.

I needn't worry about forgetting the moment.

I like the way multiple broken records grind my stone heart,

Once pecked wood, but ‘till it’s finished, who lost this slipper?

Need to burn down this cabin but till the deed is done and the broken break,

Noisy shark.


What I try and tamper with war ships but joint hips would.

Cut this with a play knife, ‘till it’s finished,

I recite,

And lie with not your ghost, but a transported essence,

Slow churning butter.

Man flutter.

Pass the L to the left till factories shut down

There's one Ken to 7 Barbies,

For each one, different color Ferrari's,

The Mustang gets all over,

But never one,

The tank would be filled over.

For Kens bark moss green eyes and waterfall hair is buried

In a pit hidden, for 1 same to be carried.

Two of the rarest stallions free to graze .

Race like ballerinas until not a single of the 7 unfazed.

Dim nor Grim

Simple questions I ask her about her mentality.

Wine, forbidden fruit of vampire vascularity?

She touches, I shake backstroke peacock in a whirlpool

No clue laugh, let her v-Tec boost me; she needs t-rex etiquette school.

Pity cracked smartphone mines another age.

Empty suit leaders, potential life haunts you with rage.

Strong words for a weakling no words bleak pandas eating is the only engage.

Mind reduction surgery, big spirit to replace see now he had a name face no birth certificate necessary.

No chance on earth, but a dark particle of yourself may.

Scrambling Wrath of a black wood rake her lust.

Her scratches matches to effective wormwood robust.

Making love leaves a man nothing but dough.

Caressing and afflicting one grunt show

Oh the glow, Oh.

Heart Chambers the Sphere Inventor

Right is a point of view like a reflection or righteous revolution.
Warning if you read my work inspiration may cause mind evolution.
As soon as the seed meets the egg competition starts.
Divine collaboration of cells constantly changing is what makes life an art.
Beauty is in the eye of what you accept or reject, presumptions or certainty or reality.

Conspiring and spying each other for IOU’s and arbitrary territories.
Delaying inevitability of love, pain and necessity for conquests of the holy trees.
Single instant indulgent antiquities and groups post passive instigating unforeseen insightful,
The corresponding necessity of the chakra of self pedestal and low lying mushroom eating a deathful.


Shy Stereos Don't Dilute My Maturday.

I was hoping you'd spit in my eye,

I like your war face, but frankly,

Your breath isn’t cream and pie,

A pitiful spit negates solidarity.

Remember you caught it from me,

My past broads knew I watched ‘em kiss,

Normal, scared monkeys, shuteye jumping,

While I sew virtue, you took a long nailed dirty cop frisk.

Cause once upon a bedroom, playing cops and robbers,

But now we're in this dessert and you blessed me with your last drop,

To moisturize my eye so we can find shelter again under castle covers,

Where eyes are fixed, now one I'll pop.

Optimum Opulence

From Stone to Sand and Tree to Dirt,

To Pretty Diamonds and Runway Skirt,

We play games between matches,

Get arrested from bearing clothes with clashes,

In unorthodox arenas and unfair weapons,

Ants we are, do your work, STFU, we're living yawns.

Or worse, builders, who to blame for this climb and fall?

But as sand passes through the life glass heed the call,

Progress is regress in this warm incubator, trust me it’s better than cash.

Where body is eye and mind storm, in and out never lasts.

Don't celebrate for anything but the next grain of life pain fighting free.

Don't mourn, they envy your being, something they might never be.

Pause and bolt,

We all get the dirt,

Even from the highest tree.

Worm War

Cold Bright tunnel then POP, abyss or mountain view ahead.

Who knows, when forward and behind are yellow lights.

Old sayings but untold stories are the ones that turn it red, dead.

I'm laying here spoiling myself thinking a spares in the trunk but fight.

It was British racing green, like the Spanish fucking flu, meant to be.

I could give a shit less. Worn out or police spikes, anything in between.

I’m an artificial robot building myself up, strong rooted tree.

Tank pumps hate from this half hope, complete demise.

Hell is right here, that halfway point in the race to lead.

I used to, it was great, that neosporin breeze outrunning shame.

I've galloped and sang, I've triumphed, but for more I plead.

Just waiting to take my claim.

Divided Daze

I deserve your distance,

So far, where stars find their mobile homes.

They flee their sights, even at common sense

Your kingdom cages us, gentile and dying, still grows

I met your lovely rage

Sadly forgotten, when soil stores untold purity

They've commanded enough, I need you to concentrate

On me, make me.

I want VIP ticks to your tock,

So for your sake, give me cures.

They curse and spit venom, without looking for your lock

Prey for my return to you without lures.

Let me slide, gallop, and fly back to you or strive with them.

For I grow weaker, give me your soft, to wake me.

Sons Suggestion

Do what ya gotta do pa

Make yourself smile just once and ta da

Dance and sing the way intended

Pretend shes not dead

Tears held and collected

She was a daughter of a coward

That gene didn't skip so i adore

Make up for never backing down

For ingrate breath and graceful frown

Dance and sing the way intended

Shes not dead, lets pretend it

Let your mule of yours be fed

Dont shut your blinds and wait for your gavel

You're gonna find peace even the stabbing gravel

For this worlds shallow

Identity in words numbers

Holding ya back from being a fella

So sing and dance like it never happened

Its a new beat now but i know you remembered

Ride it till like its not fermented

Live as if nothing mattered

Die is the way we roll and we all get bumped

So when you see her again plant her a kiss

Like you do for me, cause I cant stand you're repetitiveness


Serial Killing; drama queens,

Bleak and foul milk from scapegoat means.

Once reeked of hope, excessive for reality, He deemed,

Keen on escape to Artificial land, where he lay, dignity, mean nor clean.

Genocide; monsters,

Impervious erroneous, filler the inner.

Black hole’s responsibility, His passive rejection fractures,

Freeze frame of reference, ego reigns ego supreme, heaven's sad verse.

Conclusion, Dragons,

Wishful thinking: stop the multiple erosion’s

Freedom in done, words from fun, now, introvert corrosion.

It was only a moment in Holy fields of ears, an era of Oblivion.

Will one day microscopes see tiny telescopes looking back at us calling us gods?

Candle light reflection of dissolved past situations killers and doctors are two peas in different pods.

Shadows cast by the sun on the sun itself, stars on other stars

What do independent farmers call the man with the secret oaths and promised of power and gold?

Who only blinks when you break contact a man who everyone either fears of loathes


Subtle Rebuttal to your futile, desolate, guilty gaze

Raise my aroused brows to your shake, from this baggy of Martian grown haze

In your hummingbird blink you replace it with an oblivious squint

You can fly with me & power the feeling, was as quick as yours except she faints

Such a fine line between you rejecting the grim truth and accepting the dim purity

Left is fear, loathing for another mistake and the gift you couldn’t give more masculinity

Suicide or Mistress

Boiling pressure pot about to pop.

Steam in me, a miner's train.

Round and round, maybe implode, tag team toad burden loop.

Defying laws of logic in my cave, reason to take the scolding tool.

Put it next to the tracks with direction for one that’s not mine before the hearse.

Nothing matters anymore not the outline, captions jam in purpose is to go on.

Indecisive pen bleeds for a canvas, hollow for a replete.

To reflect the dissection of choice or fate is the only messy sense.

Sigh for nothing but my own lost causality.

Effects are nothing but a lie.

Every word be lost in time,

the most condescending mistress

To the wife I loved and shared every joyous superfluous moment with and instances of mistrust build and have the pot put shuddering seconds starting to overlap.

Take a cold heartless touch to this animalistic dependency from reared curse merged it.



What is a real friend... protector... ear... a synchronized heart beat?

Just a word or afterthought.

Darkness, a ritualistic word... fireflies dwell in the deepest of caves.

What is madness but a fixation of an idea which instinctively conspires in your mind consuming other ideas?

Do even the coldest blooded animals in the kingdom hold their prey with what the creator designed?

The destructive force, shines on virtue bright, although by most means, wrong, do trees not grow after a fire.

Aggressive action or injured, I watch the world, others do it to others and themselves, try without your sanctuary.

To succeed you gotta fail, pissing on the third rail...

Adversary and pain; absolute necessity, brings us hidden knowledge, timeless love in between sanction.

It is what IT could never be

Slight hum. Flat line. Death bed. Roses Head to Toe

when the journey is complete and I go with ancestors, playing tag

loser goes back.

Life-limitlessness. Adversaries- ceaseless. Dancing and caressing- dripping faucet time to vaporized end- sensuality lost. Simplistic, snowflake falling on warm tarmac

Powerful men have something worth fighting for, smiles along with Death

hoping he can see them


Death Star, beautiful woman who reminds me of a moon who horrifies as reality looms closer


You sheared my shield - doe through soft field - yet to others

skin like a diamond, never made her purr

Sinking 8 ball, neither of us could explain one another, bonafide energy and absolute aspiration, we picked words

with a spider finger

Squandering silence from your promiscuous & penetrating perfume

I hide my incurable innate nature

from your tangible tenacity

When game comes, do not show fear nor defense, make peace with him and his tormenting venom

turns milky

Spark Tug Love

I think I'll strike a cord, Mother Earth, Father Seed. But the knowledge that this dust will return back to be vacuumed again is only foul.

Playground tactics, sue her lips for soul custody, only to lose in crowd of textile factor-obey, never to of shoved a doll.

Castle top higher than any cloud where the air is a LSD, pain of a dead son, steps outside reaching to a hand he plummets to queen

I would keel over and yield if and only if you made a pact to pack me back together with feathered covered smooches.

What selfish thoughts to drown sorrow and dream to an angels chest and have different senses of happiness subtle rage to complete fortitude

Rooted trees where she once dangled trapped by her growing beauty of timeless potential but no going back. Destitute?

Sporadic you spiral flowing through the waves of turbines, we survive, land & decide to see what will bind you next, me, bear trap breasts entrap my palms.

Pearl 2

Blind visionaries and deaf musicians: anyone can devote even after bruised, battered & beaten, true passion, not trumps, uses humiliation.

Nature, nurture; Creator, creation, fortunate that our 1 inebriation is indifference exponential distance, distance without calculation.

Yet! procures, propels, & propagates, old ideas form new, to define; hangnail frustration.

The sun, perhaps fueled by the dragons solemn tear, passive spectators & lucid wonder from a distant star. We. All. None, Binding Fixation

Whitewash peasant tries with opaque smoke and glimmering espresso tar for this corkscrew of sanity, once dusk, Eon of glory, nothing to stay clear of

Tangling and strangling, old tears of hope through any official recognition, be it futile footnote or from a height, grandiose, or just for fun.

For the gnat was the first noise you heard, remember.

The End of a nation in isolation.

Ever rest with a lazy boy

Em embraced, leads for dessert

Em embarrassed, L.E.D.s from incandescent

Emperor passed, leaf for descendant

I'm poorer,, class lest whore decent

Limp heard her pass test, core pleasant

Can not show off skills on a grippy road

Impossibilities of reasonable expression

Capitalized: televised analyzed scrutinized magnified generalized globalized polarized digitized ... all the Eyes that count; some are on.

Thus meaning to artists and/or art still trickles but neglect the unfathomable stream of thought processes.

View of abilities naturally curb arrogance.

Disguised blessing, if able to identify things in our mind that which does,

Conform in confrontation.

Are antonym & synonym antonyms? To question questions is acceleration.

Wondrous telescope and precise microscope help understand depths of the mirror.

Focus on blemish or all art.

Fit and fine, the line between soaring freedom and potential misfortune


Violent Violin

To be the sword, to cut justice and temptation, to be alone.

For peace, for freedom, for lovever.

From what does not exist. I say with stride of immeasurable.

Unforgivable, yet still transcendent.

To hold something, careless but hoping it may remain all mine.

For if taken.

From a new HELL, never spoken of, will I scavenge and preay.

Unknown still, yet surrounding.


Light year away,

With a scarf perfumed on display.

Penguin rock calcified,

But one sense amplified.

Mirrors point fingers,

Photogenic past lingers

Sin manifects,

Softly in dialect.

Fear grows near.

As passion without pride,

Brings your mystery to life.

Perplexing sailboats,

Toast to possible hexing horizon.

Not a thought until dawn,

Until every pawn is gone,

Smug shrug too,

Intertwined with gorilla glue.

Legend of Marlboro Man

A symbol for the next century this man was,

Filling time slots at the cost of oxygen in lungs.

Bleeding blue denim and shot boots stuck in culture,

they say, he still doesn't know he was a promoter

of self torture.

But those musta been the days,

when a spritz of musk was cheaper than a shower.

Girls inviting you from the sight of the freshest flower

From working dusk to dusk,

without a contemporary sigh of fuss was the source of power.

People think he uses wooden matches,

but they were strike-less.

he used silence,

Nocturnal crystals,

from beginning of Native peace pipes

to 2050 prohibition.

One spark of silence & multiplying tobacco strains,

Some American tribes remain.

Stoned, Baby

It was a new but old style mansion,

Reminding & disciplining our delusion.

Telling ourselves the love would last,

For time is the ultimate test.

Breaking free from my status,

The baby monitor taken to midnight races.

Cause a home’s foundation holds truth,

I'm more with you when stranded at a booth.

Only here we know my freedom is at a cost,

Until initials written, we're no longer lost.

Kitchen is the chassis for thee.

Open throttle cooks me up so just grin your teeth.


Fictitious Smirks

Devil Lurks

May Mutilate Hate Process; Might

Fate in its entirety, a single word, perpetually convinced till sight of true light

The final hour, head seeped in the satin lined casket of a past life, "real" time fight

Psychosis Delight, after, Miserable Self-consulate

No monster in any dimension can face himself

Dangerous man is one who sucks in light

Best man is one who has something worth the fight

Norm of this forsaken country, every word you read keeps you in check

Let the ending of the ball of yarn grasp your sense of vex


LOOP it to another

Speck in Oblivion

It broke in just to fix me,

This friction-less perfection gasped as I grasped for completion,

Silence roared from just a little lid.

Babies cry, you know they're alive,

This strange place without sense leaves it deranged, first change,

Says stop, I liked the ignorant strive.

Because it was MINE, My Everest Nest,

There he didn't ow or grow not knowing tomorrow,

He sits and doesn’t follow,

Yet worry and regret,

Hope for faith,

To catch that speck with a nothing net.

Eat Shit

We all get plucked without fight,

Whether burned & scared or tarred & feathered,

By talons of Dante's pin-micro knife,

Belonging on a sphere table, surface checkered.

While morning moves,

Whither the thermostat in paradise,

And coming loose,

Anticipating parts, lost, only pawns chastise.

High hope this potent plan,

Hide your plain brains.

Here I Tick

I stand alone.

Lefts, rights, centers and whole.

Whiners, wieners, partners and winner.

In this capitalist pyramid; pressure fractures pennies.

Caught in a dead past; the unobtainable is indescribable!

Where I sit alone

Economy; revolving door

One day between work and home,

There will be no escape, only escapism.

Chasing Tyrant makes bigger Tyrants.

Personally, passive liberty, surrounded by His servants

One day George Bush will milk his dead cows & be just as fed.

Welfare children will have adulterated knowledge and use words like guns!

There I lay alone.

Not expressing; depressing.

Trojan Horse to Bewildered Ghostly Robust Bankers.

This is my dream.

Guard sheeple with binoculars,

With a foundation on mysterious mistrust.

An Insomniac's computer exploding, rendering me unconscious, finally!

Up nor Down

Shore, we're too close we invade,

Without power here but somewhere, your taste and my rest,

Double dating with the sun and his,

No more necessary, tied to devolution of pacifist pleads.


We’ll dissolve and move round,

Monsters weep on your and fall deep in my silent shouts,

Do what you must to keep me straw away,

Pour on you grief, don't leave without passing the key.

Weary to your worry,

Wind to my tree!

Feminism: The Undeclared War

At some point women became inattentive to our need.

Maybe it was the g-spot we missed.

Certainly addictions cause stray.

Trillion dollar rocks of agitate.

At a point men became overly sensitive and needy.

Maybe we thought g-force was the easiest.

Perhaps grandiosity perpetuated away.

Turn on fingertip curiosity rate.

At a soon point we'll dress not as we desire or customs entail but to our needs.

Maybe tradition will be forced out with burlap sacs on its head.

Sooner or later will come the day.

Where we no longer try for any sake.

Everybody tries listen to the universe, but only babble,

Only lock each other out of our lonesome, (if) next generation's trouble.

Detached Perhaps, Almost Alienated

Smiles skewed.

All I know is my name.

Limp, wheeze, sigh, and emotion atrophy complement each of the insane,

When we see others the mediocre contemplate.

Sinking swords; telephone pole grows.

Sitting, singing insubstantial seduction, longevity of diamond shows.

Tumble from pair of an electroconvulsive pillows.

No mind of its colors from their makers stencil.

Sad skeptics overfilling cups, what a waste, only to find the bond to be a tailored penguin.

This force physical by participated.

Shadows speak of neglectful light.

Same since September, soft cookies without chips of delight.

Spontaneous Spinal. Sloth speed.

Puppet Master

Fire and light go hand in hand,

With precise control it inscribes from a kid's glow sticks plan.

From scriptures through time,

We wake and walk; as the past passive prophets patronizing

Others with halves, so it is written and respected so it shall be done,

Tell me

My name isn't original,

Sails on a dead man's ship didn't pick it.

Drinking the same climax's of ironical nonchalance.

Strange tempo, to Fragile Temple; I know (n)

Stubborn brats, scouring rats; clenching

Old Clichés from once a pure and sacred, inside joking

Riding on too long like a monotone mule contemplating

It’s broken back destruction to lie with useless monetary perfumes

Of nonexclusive ice hard fractured spirits

To die

At the feet of their favorite idol's lifetime plateau,

We peasants look in the mirror of contradiction

When we see ourselves in the lens.

Pete's Principal

Play you like a harmonica, oh the sounds we'd make.

Time travel fighter jet to 9/11, save the day, but still evacuate... their bowels...I'd be doing figure 8s.

Woman's ascent, on ice in stilettos carrying a newborn, never fallin'.

A man's descent; winning the lottery, buys F1 and its stallin'.

No attention to the dog perpetually chasing his tail, succeedin'..

Relentlessly questions why it’s there, what can stop the waggin'!?

Divided Individuals of an absolutely ceaselessly

Barrage from Industrial Revolution to “Resolutionary”.

Hologram ads convincing us personally.

Like a mouse in an owls stomach, still crawlin'

Ramble Gamble

Sudden Sunsets, Blazing TV sets, between eternal and commercial in the cross hairs of ceaseless and senses, dimension windows

Romeoetic? Vague figurative and blindfolded pencil sharpened configurations?

Hearts; weary, indecisive, continuous, barricade of investments, once discretionary now disgrace, airy options protecting the 1 track mind

A tooth for a tooth is barter right?

Sugar coat the blade before you put it in your own back, remember we all fuck ourselves

Appease without danger and become background noise, like the ear drum your mind can only take it for so long

Accept strange or comb conform

More where lips speak love, mind listens dependency

Spirit one with all, letting the fate of previous choices steer new choices

Can Obama take a prank?

Love, endless hide and seek, by Zeus' bolt and Christ’s beard.

Grapple yourself down, meteor blow to your ego, eating superficial.

Logic says covet everything and you covet nothing.

Lukewarm hearts stagnant persistence without end.

Fuel is low in this ship destined for the final answer to what’s there.

God, why is this kid on crack back home, shit we're almost here.

Feather of all flocks.

Find changing color, ignore clocks.

Internet; knife, own hands, we soak in and wedge

The world out or you burn bread,

Not even crickets void that need of a forceful modest obsession,

To curiosity to recreate from understanding.

Climactic shift in the way we are viewing the richer,

Not in paper but gifts they write on paper.

Every pain is inflicted by another,

Then self-inflicted resonance, and then afflicted it to others.

Endure ‘till you find once peace and Fight

O.C.D. versus Obsession versus Obesity versus Opulence, subjective of Obedient.

Find sanity and rationality in the minimal and definite ways.

When confronted with changes, you realize it wasn't so dangerous.

Shooting Stars Subdue Skies Scarred

Cosmetically hypnotic,

Yellow Jacket,

By wind or self,

Encased without help,

Inseamingly under-estableashed.

Where old-replaced.

Returns only to vengeance.

New tricks to stay sweet.

The same constantly.

Yet, still. Thoughts singeing.

A slow burn of hope to dynamite.

Picture ashes stain.

Lost love from neurosis, my pain remains.

In a cave for you to diffuse,

With kryptonite of calm caress.

Logic & Life; Antonyms

If a Mac genius ever bought a PC he would be a traitor.

Sensitive creativity versus unoriginal anguish: my bipolar dilemma, lust or love cologne.

Opinions in the good; ol’ US of A without others; lightening, thinking it matters... mute me.

Inanimate objects that fight back, besides a boomerang from Ray Charles to Newtown kid kicking over the war machine.

Never ever, forever evening with a misguided idol, magnifying

Guilt with persuasive drums enthroning cascades argue to wispier.

Unadulterated letting fate steer, only telling me the one thing to occupy.


If any of the Rockefellers drove their own Rolls they should match with a Walmart tie.

live long and love

Darlings of early morning blitzkrieg, scarcely saying goodbye before they dispose.

This particle we share is a noose.

A sight of remote potential love or another passing grim despair.

They smell the smoke, see my locks, soak & feel the kiss to come.

Sense passion lost in a trillionth.

Finish my sentences, engage & end this nightmare im on.

Vile pre-saliva radical,

Exhibit slight lip lick,

No/can’t doesn't exist right now,

Your choice our show,

Open/closed/slap conundrum,

Stroked the eel; sufficient.

Consume then combining, you have consumed my light.

Dangerous man has nothing to lose, humbled by hope to fight.

For you,


Statue's Staring Contest

I'm 23 and desire nothing more to be anyone but me, this

Vivid and discreet,

Outlandish to their modest and their arrogance to my humility,

Chameleons change everything to tease

Eagles from above,

Yet still below the trivial pursuit of changing ones appearance,

To claim themselves,

Extraordinary; some even God; only a thing that a thing would please.

Long Story Longer

A lion's bellow roar means he's mellow, Helen Keller; she felt it, you didn't have to tell her.

Starving artists weep at their gluttonous coffee and cigarette accomplishment,

Cause Aquaman and Bubba have a similar problem with fish.

Chihuahuas need Wolves, guns need swords and cars need horses.

Here's another depiction towards empowerment,

Does the horizon cease our perception or does wonder from its thread cease our growth.

Just for fun

Master of understanding with doubt makes the one eyed man King of the blind.

For a star's peephole in this man's world gives his followers light of a kind.

He knows the secret to turn debate into discussion for a he has newclear time.

Random fists are meaningless until the end where his heart rate climbs.

They become his shadows of past knowledge he once presently deemed sublime.

Duplication is manipulation, Crystals to their tears, Dilute and rectify.

Stencils magnify him and carry him on WHERE EVER he's going.

He is the dough and they are the chips of delight.

Forsake the familiar!

Logic Phenomenally Tries Reason

Lonely curse or unforeseen gift of solitude.

Look no further than my menacing smile as I peek behind the stairs,

Before I put that Bubble gum on the hand rails.

You dance around my burns and scars and again shoot,

To weigh your options of openness simultaneously with disregard.

Scared by charm now a days, you know the gushy butterflies?

Just want to exist with cause without I can't,

Cause my mind is blank to play with, can't wait I might think.

No words, your body is now the only language, no mysterious capabilities.

I soften the bear traps of insecurities with fingerprints of truth, an innate guard.

Shun from Stripes, Solids and Plaids

How wicked a mirror that doesn't look back?

That itches from the only memories,

Trolling around in some outfit thought to give meaning.

Ripping Assumption

How evil rib that can't be tickled?

That has been ousted by not having intuition,

Numbing others for having a polka dot secret.

Worm Squirm

How monstrous a thing that knows?

That neglectful light where seduction grew,

Blistering wounds with rationality of sinister graze.

Familiar Scream


Strange when old souls call you older,

And boiling showers can't shake it any colder.

‘That curse of invincibility’ he said in Lord of War,

Was more of a dancing in darkness and singing to a vacuum,

Back toward choir.

Such indifference, where innocent pharmaceuticals make us few,

With a calmness like pore volcanos potentiality from a heat wave show,

Into immense rubrics cube and endless re-runs of the copied and pasted uninhabited,

Monastery protector attacks,

Then equivalent phew.


I dare not speak as I or mine,

For I prayed for someone to verse with me and just got a pushy egomaniac Mule in my mind.

I have dollars, linen, bed and bread,

But waiting for Coney Island Cyclone to crack my skull and leave me anywhere, just dead.

The mule tells me not yet,

Meaningless aspirations and beautiful recollections, forgetful but only to forget.

Tears with smiles; nothing like a Vet returning,

He states they're of his dialect, they see psychotic, Mule says contemplating.

To pity or destroy,

One thing we share, identical twins, twisted mirror is our toy.

Part 2 The world dissolves around me

Dull Weekend

i imagine myself

writing a sought after book

directing and starring in a movie

and becoming a vague shell of my former self


my useless gold of virtue

which manners well be an tree

to a dog. nothing changes with money

we live lies

every day though fake smiles

make real teardrops laughing and shouting

abruptly to feel good with mere vocalization.

singers and actors, lies, inception, creations, just captured, wasn't theirs.

song and dance,

we live our lives to normalcy and restrain

thoughts of how we want to become unique,

it's not about me its about showing you, yours

Virtual Reality Lacks Real Virtue

Rice Krispies from Crispy Rice every once in a while,
The convulsion of thinking big minimalism will take me back,
This Fork in the road is a billion fold but still stuck in wild mind state,
Going from possibilities to probabilities to eventualities.

Month 'till school starts again and I pretend to like my countless "friends",
I rarely am given ample opportunity to speak truth but when it comes they go into a trance,
So enlightening they say but these screens separate and divide, as implausible as noticing the sky,
I've gotten used to laughing with the mirror like I am with.

Chaos Control

Craving a soul to create a word with me and become that word,

Not dependency of love, without retreat, an animal’s bond of touch,

And hope of acceleration of making better future memories to a be caught in an absolute NOW,

Surrendered pain to become full of trace insanity from others views.

Never the thought of settling or the fake love at first sight cliché,

To be silent with "friends" and demean ourselves with their best but we see nothing,

Delirium is close but the acceptance is close to what we're going for,

Without Ego's walking on red coal road but to not imagine but become imagination.

Not thinking of future because there is no such thing,

The eternity of a two circles and a tangent is this word,

This gives us the power of the present to make comedians cry and depressed laugh,

It's bigger than us this word and yet the sheer subtlety will have the universe quake.

Without mystery or knowledge,

We guide judging the rest our bodies,

Separated yet same.

And Ever

Writing time capsules of lost faith,

To a note on a flower before an engagement.

Expressing with loves might limits it,

Constant redemption that must be lit.

Again and again unveiling intimacy,

Yet saving the last, ‘til He molds the clay.

But until we part and meet without decaying time,

Comfortable I remain with glee.

Difference collide but I plead,

That you'll both let me be caught and free.

For my heart is all I have to give, but without yours my mind leaves my body trembling.

Till the last pedal falls,

A beast with only one cause.

Bye Very Old Unattainable Responsibility

2nd will grow to sing on the 1st, 3rd says he’s gonna flow to the song he'll never hear,
4th consumes him whole, 5th is half allies with the 6th who howls halfheartedly at the 7th, without fear.
Alphas sorrowful hunting sprint, crows loom for near prey.
Tyranny spirit of Omegas zygote snow play.
Darwin accepted whole world’s evolution as Michael Phelps was just fastest to the egg.
Gandhi asserted personal evolution though being wholesome without prolific.
Vision; dirt at which the leaves and imagination grow.
More; roots of revolving ideas from never show.
Neglecting Adam and first organism is to retard combinations.
Freedom of the mystery askew from the perpetual knowledge of sense.
Complete n Alone.
Curious n Challenge.

Tin Foil Protector

Theory: I walk at the worlds pace.

Eating tracking devices to see when I've done comes back,

Locked away nowadays, I consort but never confront that the simplest mind is hardest to find,

For I've seen Starry Night, belief in disbelief as a child, now just sawdust,

Letting conscious invade trying to stop remembering dead dreams.

Practical: Proof from hand on stove.

Retiring individuality for an absolute peace in solitary confinement,

Convicted by false authority is acceptance by Him. I recall.

Careful what you wish for kinda life; outcast for seeking, where others flee.

I see no one ever says Peace of Heart, cause everyone knows.

Hypothesis: Still love

Welds bond stronger than metal alone,

If you don't bond you'll twist and groan,

Testing limits like a time traveling probe!

Calm faith, waiting, I laugh & cry, decaying sundial of mine.


First and last brush to a lush thousand ring oak muse,
The best and worst come in twos.

Still a student practicing teaching with an unknown syndrome and carnival face paint complex,
Changing colors to get others to find themselves the subject of their own project.

Without confrontation there is no redemption,
Imagination's limits is The Artist soule recognition.

His pause and delay are His Heaven, for no reason he dreams of better and better,
Already accepting the awe and rejection of his limits perfection.
For something that never was, never repeated.

Fallen Spikes

Those steel spikes on cleats, materialism at rest and animism to test.
His secret kiss of his pride in faith is what separates some athletes.
Unknown kicking at the door, a life of dedication is all he knows.
The biggest and last contest is nothing until battered spikes are at rest.

Only Chimney Tops for a Phoenix

Facing your own disgrace is something that leaves you with nothing,

People who have already tell you to accept,

Snapping in and out of that thousand yard glare to such a passive snare,

To you and anyone left around.

Face it though you get planted to the world like a cactus living on nothing,

Nothing but a natural fate,

Choice of a mate is easy for me; decent on the eyes and ears but the ruin remains,

At this point even a hug,

From someone decent becomes a few seconds in between haven and heaven,

Then let resolve die, HOPE to brands left behind,

Perhaps but if only one would let me dissolve in privacy all this loneliness I could show her; a tissue stain

Away from inner peace.

Attest to the love and passion I was once capable of in public without anxiety of a future further shattered

Heart I carry, I often ask them why, my face, my nose, I can cut it off you know,

Just once more,

To not care about anything but


Compete or Be Dismissed

Fate chained our eyes together,

Such distance between the dance floor,

No blinks cuz we need more,

This disco ball dazzles, a sure core.

The multiple sides turn to two,

Spotlights are optic glue,

Steady & ready melody, a yang to a strife of Kung-Fu.

Tundra stop, I pass and define profuse.
Only to circle and smell every mistake with a jet's intake,

Fear or desire is a choice you can't fake,

So I take,

Fire a gun at the ceiling, after the chaos, we're on a frozen lake.

Grab you before you fall,

I only answer our own call.


I have spoken to the deaf

I have spoken with my heart pouring

I have been called crack head

I have been worshipped

I have caused silence

I have caused yearning

I have been starved

I have fed

I have stolen

I have given hope

Stripped bare and castrated what I once was

Think I'll care once the effect gives me cause

The Chinese ask who ate all the pussy

Grip something sturdy with that blank face...

For I am a convicted man and when set free I will be Conviction itself.

On knees with pleas for Kingdom I came, they spoke no words to me but 2 I knew of and 1 didn't.

Peace From Destruction.

Counting tarantula hairs

You preach yet,

My eyes should be divided they're being wasted!

Does hope from horror make the two the same?


Lust Fuss

Surrendering to lust is a billionaire picking his lunch,

Hostage to the illusion of satiated meaning.

Despite frustrated demands of the instant,

Your body with another ration of time lost.

We never complicate our contemplating,

We think calmness but heart gives void of fear.

This hole in the heart leaves you shivering,

But filling it more makes our faces blueprint our soul.

No holy water can wash

The narrow marrow mind

The footprint of only source

Post Pre Post

I often think of what I could be,

Rarely thankful for what I have been,

To see another tortured or pure soul smile and break the spell free,

Just the thought of that fills me.

But here I sit with my legs up stabbing my mind away,

At freedom; pondered, amplified, sustained, desensitized, endured, and submitted,

The word alone makes me cringe as I see the likes of this country in every way binge,

By closed opinions sometime somewhere is everyone's mindset.

That God passed away.

Chaos- single string of pain Thrive in this toe nail biting, evolving Coliseum.

90 year old first time dope shot choice

American pariah's pride of substance in heaven

Exploiting or worse denying others exploration

Clinically cynical of paradise on earth

Triumphant zygote of a 14 year old

Panda Cub Slippers

Trick a sin's facade by recognizing its need –Harmony

Part 3 Relevant?

Theories and Practice

“I am what I am”, “I am as God made me” & of course “it is what it is” & “life is unfair”.

Contemporary, postmodern or whatever you want to call it has left me, the idea that significance can occur that is linear and tangible has left me with an absence in whatever I am doing in the current, I pretend it’s there in my delusions, I’m pretty sure for the sake of others and of course in the idea that this is not really real, I am left with this miniscule belief that that it’s a stain waiting to be deciphered but definitely cleaned.

I am apparently a character; one thing I have been called among so many which people will never understand are just straws on a lying camel. Eureka, like I am the originator but definitely the promoter that making a vocalization does nothing but leave a stain of observation, opinion or whatever the fuck. Delusions that we live in a society are outstanding if a quarter meant and lived by it but we don’t, we dilute such formidable things as love and happiness and blame circumstances of a system. God do we love to use that word, I can no longer discriminate between the two and an individual nor should you attempt, not much to be found in cyber capitalism and someone’s likelihood to buy or sell, say, do, or jump

I have given out about a hundred business cards promoting skills and opportunity to start a community build on a foundation of respect and an idea that we can do something to me. I can’t read minds but I listen to the words that I come off as intimidating, I do, but do they just hear the words that if I can ever help or if you want to talk so passively it adds to the guilt of making them waste air, in my mind of course but moreover the statistical idea that I am simultaneously one to be taken advantage of, discarded as someone that doesn’t need to talk to another once in a while with respect. Come home, cry, repeat.

I have no place in a suburban environment especially where people in my minds are as round as the triangles they want to climb, I say it’s better to be at the top of the bottom than vice versa, but I accept that that is rational given the immaculate truth that such old wandering men are not only holding back our generation from significant progress they are tossing us back useless and hindering sense of accomplishment and diminishing the great strives we need, want, and by God I pray happen.

Rants, I know, useless even, just hoping the wall screams back one day. Yet to me the pursuit of happiness through everything from mindless addictions and going on a grand adventure have become effects of almost an internal guideline and checklist from the entirety of the history and a self-reward system according to the income of one to another and that’s another potent idea that people say but do not live accordingly, not saying I am but I like to think I try.


10 to the millionth of imagination I feel and 10 to the trillionth is found and lost. This determination to stop and live without and with. THIS GOD DAMN TWO SIDED GAME. Detonating detonation is what I like to think others view me and how I may one day pick a word to describe me already. Accept the inevitable they say as they categorize me with one side before they know I exist. We're in the cross hairs of each other as soon as we put ourselves above animals. Temperament for tempers grow weaker every 4th of July we pretend like the fireworks are for the kids or our nation. Soul reflections make the sole fractures just a tiny bit better when we decide to be brave and reach out to a stranger in pain. With random joy comes ingrate child toy. Fuck it they’re not toys when I see these kids using them instead of playing with blank faces. I analyze scrutinize with fantasize they’ll stop and become wise and kind with literally anyone that can do the same. I've accepted my present I’ve faced my past but to have faith in a future like the way I once did, I can only feel nothing. I pray less and less and grow closer and closer to catatonic nihilism. I rub my eyes till im blind for a moment and deafen myself with some music that grows weaker and weaker in my mind so I can give my mind a rest. Crosshairs. I’ve been writing for a year now, didn’t make me a vet but in 2 years’ time my time as a poet will be over, I am only original in my delusional ego. Like these children who finally look away from their screen command they are different FOR NO FUCKING REASON.

Sod's Law

I don't know if you're familiar with the Zimmercock scandal or the enforcement of literally ANY CRIME on LI but I hope you appreciate my 15 second fiasco with a cop today.

So my father is a failed pathologist, written of the world’s largest English medical dictionary and I am a felon of driving under the influence of marijuana charges with 4 years of not street racing, he’s a cab driver now and I am still telling him how to drive and wear his seat belt but anyways.

TODAY a crown victoria, same as a cab, except I knew it was a cab pulled next to us and the cop which only I knew; my dad was working on 2 hour sleep, said you know you shouldn’t drive through 2 lanes of traffic on an on ramp without signaling, in which I look over with a hand rolled cigarette and basically said see he doesn’t give a shit about pot now. It's democracy this "cop" is telling you in plain old CANADIAN that its illegal and you shouldn’t do it and next turn he does it, when he picks me up not a sing FUCKING TURN SIGNAL.

My 9 am

Laughs and gasps are what Charles wanted, like Darwin before him shaking the foundation of principal logic and more importantly God. To carry his self-esteem in a vault is what he had to do before he ever showed the world his talent for being the biggest pussy teaser known to man, a thinking man who didn't need it, only the love of a woman. He has always thought of himself as delusional that he was, the Beast, so big, birds nest on this head, only the dead chicks stay at his feet, one of the names he'd been called even before his only describable as explosive tendencies.

Riding bareback on the cobble streets of London in the turn of the 20th, the church bell rang twenty times he noticed on his 20th. Sunday but not wine and crackers just dying from shankers. Charles recalls and quickly turns to reconcile his secret, he flew down the stairs; his first memory, not old enough to know the word. He still thought he could fly, anyone to tell him he couldn't soon would. His second was the outline of the metal buckle on the orphanage masters belt after showing his concern for Charles’s cold gaze. He remembers Bartholomew explaining only the alpha lion has long hair. That lock of hair kept in comfort was the equivalent of a few pints which stopped serving a purpose after leading his last horse into a marsh where he stayed.

My one message to people that has acquired the ability to truly listen:

We the people have become a nation of tragedy after tragedy, as we watched the events of September 11th we did not have the moral support of our leaders or mourning, only their fingers to point subordinates swords at other subordinates. Whether we have been fed lies or not is completely irrelevant for the moment as WE THE PEOPLE do not yet possess qualities that allow us to persevere against the true criminals, liars, thieves but I know we will. We see now that the security blankets, masks and SS numbers are beginning to outgrow themselves as the new generations have been giving absolute freedom to express but more importantly the institutions where expression and free thought are not only perfected but admired. When there was a time that we were shunned by parents at the notion of any curiosity as a child, we are purposely encouraged to explore and test boundaries and limitations of the mind and spirit. It is only when tragedy strikes in our life and we sacrifices that we truly see the world for what it is because we are given two choices to accept loss and fight what some to believe to be a natural reaction to suffering which is to inflict it on others. Yet in many cases where we should do this we don’t and when we do we shouldn’t. We are slowly evolving past such tyranny and oppressive forms of government and praying. Yet we still have no great civil rights leaders, because every freedom has been granted, but we know there is something much bigger than the word civil and that is social reform. What we choose to accept of others has become an arbitrary Pagan and materialistic line. Do outcasts who fear being part of the whole deserve to get away with anything they want because it is in the Constitution? We must make decisions! It is no secret that we are moving towards socialism in this nation nor should it be any surprise as that word used mostly for profit. It is much bigger than the word social because a cold and calculating beast lives but it does not only live in one person in particular it is the parts human mind. For we as a nation have given so much freedom based on financial status while those who have been choked, clinging for air, a peaceful word from a friend have been banished from society. Given life in the name of a system that no longer works because it is not based on our freedom and security rather the size of our accounts and social status. It is no secret that we are a consumer and military based economy and although some may believe money itself to be the root evil it might just be a necessary evil because without hard work and advisories or even pain for that matter how would we know happiness and life. So much knowledge is on the World Wide Web yet it is advertising and acceptance of other in which we have behaved like deer in the headlights frozen and still we bury deep our lost passions and future aspirations for a blinded ego. We are conflicted with snail like ideologists who choose to tell us to repeal reforms of beverage sizes and promises of a better life, instead of gaining a higher confidence in obtaining knowledge from a library we have been choosing not to make any decisions. Technology has become a detriment to society as a whole as we are learning to value people faces and smiles we a. Selflessness is the only word we need in a social reform. We are a very naturally resourceful nation both intellectually and from the earth herself.

Homo Homino Lupus…?

Blessed is the Alpha who maintains closure and safety in the unit who fears nothing but fear, damned is the Alpha who challenges another younger Alpha. In age he will learn to avoid any challenge and share the fruits of the world for the sake of the unit.

Blessed is the Omega who doesn’t laugh at the Alpha’s death threats, cursed is the Omega who can’t suppress natural rage for the sake of the unit.

Damned is Omega who follows an Alpha based on anything but his own love.

Transferring status can change with a single word. Only if that word is pure and absolute.

Eternal is the Alpha who can hide his power with only small inklings and points to show status and the Omega who flaunts attitude toward life.

Eternal is the pack that stays for life. Blood sweat and tears make something more valuable than the universe itself

Blessed is the neurotic Beta who follows and brings to life another lost.

Cursed and dirty is the man who avoids eye contact with another man and doesn’t acknowledge.

Pure of heart is the loathing of another’s loathing and Pro-Bono thoughts

A man who can cut his material and burn his art and writing trying to accept pain which is man is purity for he knows that true importance of the physical world. Like a toddlers toys one must outgrow diamonds and prancing horses to gain a greater power in life.

Children think that positions and money buy happiness and power.

An area must be as divided as a family business to other family businesses

A man must fight his incoherent rage born from frustration in order to rule in the Kingdom of heaven

Blessed is the Prancing horse for he wants is majestic and beautiful, more blessed is the steadfast stallion who has been bred to be focused and headstrong

Failed twitter account

Profile: Poet, comedian, teacher and student. My faith; considered an illness; blessing and curse. I dance for Opponent and cry for you.

You teach a man to teach a man to fish you feed the world

I have no tolerance for intolerance… lol

Everyone except monks love a good second coming, you have a smoke and cuddle and get right back to it

Law of God, Love thy neighbor

Law of man, Compete with thy neighbor

Legends are stories with skepticism

I imagine the origin of eternity came from awe and ration of the horizon.

4 Fundamental truths: Known facts, known unknowns, unknown facts & unknown unknowns... basically what is/isn't acknowledged.

Individualist Concept contradicts the theory that conscience self-monologue and the subconscious are different.
Rooted trees where she once dangled trapped by her growing beauty of timeless potential but no going back, which is more sacred.
Tears from all four corners of homes and eyes FOR Its power of love, love for power, never love and power
"Art “+Success-Obsession /Artists+Starvation-Ego
Seeing and hearing makes us subservient; only natural for a man to destroy his, he built; not recognized.
My tombstone should say have all the drinks you want on me.
When you say my god, you're either saying he's only yours, he's different, he's one of many, you own him or you can't control your mouth.
Exploiting is exploring, importing vision from working a chaotic muscle: Steps from Fate, Leaps of Faith, Stand for Choice; Diagnosis.
William shat near Spock but still never REALLY respected him.
Where my legs traveled & eyes saw how the world is I question if your mind paces with vision of a path, all that is you, is cold.
I'd like to ride a motorcycle before I die, hopefully not right before though, there's no dignity in decapitation of any form.
Some describe insanity as going against the norm, like scratching your back against a Pole, he didn't mind, just the parachute joke.
No point in repenting before marriage cause if know i won’t be alone in hell.
Reincarnated as myself my only wish is to do the same to feel adolescent fire and burn everything in my path, if not I'll pass it to my kids.
I try to understand women but can’t tell how they know when another woman paid a month’s rent on shoes.
The virgin soldier gets married and honorably discharges...
The world needs ugly along with beauty.... my explanation for a bee's suicidal thoughts... he didn't take it too well... what a prick.
Common Truth: Sky is blue azul in Spanish but a word to the scent because it’s just grey to a grey wolf, a fool grows from dullness.
Truth lies in yours, mine, ours, the truth; and the multitude He has chosen.
English was my second language, body language will always be my first.
Our bald eagle need Rogaine and a height limit; cause the little baldies are not as content with their height
playing soccer with bowling balls on the moon
one choice is not a choice.
Notice the overdose of the picture perfect painting of democracy and well wait for Him to send us a new canvas.
Flaw of American education boils down to What it needs vs How Much?
A dog that doesn't know its place is no better than a sick one Enlightenment in American; sensitizing socializing and work/ distinguishing survival and excess is the new American Dream
Rule number one of any game; know your place
Take a life and you take two.
Endless acres to ladybug spot kennel-Pinpoint accuracy to invisible lentil-Phoenix Days & Legit Patience; somber.
Limit of freedom: just enough pep for another step before the mind dip from old "wise" scapegoat signers.
Injury and paranoia go hand in hand like penguins and opera's
Stray from sight and envision
Volcano front view sticks creation to your shoes and create two anew; the horror of completion too.
Continue infecting personal fear of nihilism and point fingers or blow wishes on neurosis of trauma and intimidate the devil everywhere
No shame in asking as long as you let go what you're adamant on
Speak in tongues before you speak of the truths you think you know.
Exhausted shadows are for pieces on a board.
I walked by a lawyer next to a sign saying what will you leave behind in UK and without stopping I said my carcass. Jaw DROPPED!!
That crazy guy is making sense OMG
Endless "wit" doesn't counteract Government fault
An opinion to Humanity is like his /hers subconscious to present emotion
old money kills when conceived
sustaining the economy is much like saran wrapping the toilet so the water doesn’t evaporate
bubba from forest Gump could have used a hoola hoop as a lip gauge
Word Play: misogynist; massage breasts
from g spot to g force a man can cause and cease
How is it that girls go from the most insecure perfections to the drunkards who consider a ride home the most chivalrous act?
I'm 23, not surprisingly unmarried, cause I'm Armish....
My comedy skit 2014: Seriously, smell my finger.
My book release 2014: Diamond ejaculation and Bullet-proof Stains
Two gangsters have to pick between a thousand dollars and a gun, after one said it was either a thousand $'s or a thousand dollars and a gun
An insomniacs spot on the ceiling could never be closer and further
Not that anyone cares about peace but after years of study in this county "Freedom" vs. "United"
Skeptic, Fear, Paranoia and Loneliness are the same word in Japanese
I'm always insulting people but they never insult me back, I'm insulted.
Lonely People Anonymous; If you make a friend you can't come back
Scientists ask what discoveries will be made in a few years, The enlightened scientist molds tomorrow till eternity
You chase sunsets but the rise is always a slow embrace
There is no grey when it comes to drug use; ritualistic and being one, hopeless two way parasitic escapism addiction and finally medicinal
I don't want to be depicted or have meaning in my life in its entirety, only those few incomprehensible moments of bliss and/or clarity
In vulnerability I dream of a life of solitaire living with animals in joy of steady stars 'stead I weep in gluttony of dogmatic knowledge.
A poet must empty and fill cups of mud, aloe, arctic ice, coal, sand and sweat to recognize the truth of existence of communication
i wanna own a chocolates co. and put bat shit in one of them, when the story comes out, ill cackle and say i went chocolate crazy
Rule #1 of Chivalry: Girl has to be in danger; henceforth the reason why the Rocky franchise was unsuccessful.
I want to die like Decaprio in Departed NOT Titanic but I'll settle for telling my 50 year old son he was an accident with my dying breath.
1) I was reared 2) I know what rearing means 3) I have the sense to stop someone if I don't know what a word means and Finally I rear you
Once a universe recreated itself so many times it tries to outrun it and when it settles it is no mas
all words are two words
Be sentimental about the structure of a Home and/or thankful for the gun you've never used
Not here too long but I've seen desperation, a man kill to go back to jail and kill himself to stay out; backfire of pinpoint realizations
Comedians are like the weathermen of society "Listen folks its real nasty out there but if you put yourself in a gerbil ball you'll be ok"
My content will follow "the system" changing to the society.
Laughing and Happiness usually have very extremely different meanings
It's not a 300% raise its your coworker/crush noticing you for the first time cause your chin is a little raised.
Pop culture is a soldier who won't let their brother go in the middle of battle and you need like 3 other guys to get him out.
Self endowed grandiosity is the gasoline you need to get to a place of humble nirvana.
100,000 generalizations about a group and 100,000 more theories about humanity, good strategy this divide and conquer mirror.
Complex trivial mundanity over simple divine circles; such predictable sand castles
only time would tell in a hypothetical painless world where He brings light of a new contrary perfection.
the simplest mind is hardest to find
I believe that problems from chemical weapons to unequal pay to psychological tangents; >Unlimited Capital(ists) compete in too many ways...
You think grandiosity of uniqueness, I'm not interested nor convinced, I do this out of sheer boredom, and maybe I'll turn my Mute button off.
I mean Obama practically created Tesla right?
In any and the whole spectrum of philosophy true equality is not just impossible nor immoral it’s just boring
Virgin Mobile: unlimited data & messaging with 300 min (5hours) for 35/ month was reasonable till i realized my charge lasts 9 hours
love to think about the illusive capstone on the bill and are blind to the man who dares to walk in shadow
Read that a Christian monk had to smuggle silk worms from China, strange; China gets away with so much copyright infringement as payback?!
You should check yourself into a psych hospital for Severely Boring Personality Disorder...
If my desire to be heard and my appreciation of being heard met halfway I might end up being a decent person.
David Guetta new damn haircut
Electric Valves for Internal Combustion Engine: swiveling blades to create cone pointing in or out based on application
absolute logic would be arithmetic without emotion
Asked a stranger if they ever saw Men in Black, man? lol great way to start a convo when they dont notice
A tooth for a tooth is barter right?
Only elderly watch the news on tv youtube reporters actually have personalities
Obama, the phrases war on poverty "your ethics" and war on terror r 2 things
Obamas more of a celebrity hypnotist than a politician and more of a politician than a man and more of a worm than a man
Want to make a movie about how much windows suck but I’ll just say if a mac was 10000$ and a pc was a penny it wud be a penny too much
I love the idea of A Darwinist getting artificially inseminated
a truth is creation if misinterpreted or counters it it’s the responsibility of its creator to manipulate or destroy as his
If you are creative in science of art or art of science you are morally obliged to exploit yourself and if not you must be free as a child
Learned in Anatomy today it’s not a person (atom) which has energy is the bond between another
apple come from tree seed comes from apple and tree comes from seed... how i loath
I got a chest vacancy cause I wear my heart on my sleeve
I want to stand in front of something gargantuan and say all THAT comes to mind
when all you have is reflection and you are emotionless all you have is vague existence
Letters is are about 7 letters
The only type of arts that really really feed me are culinary
Chalk and pencils are only utensils now collaboration and completion is rare in the classroom only appeasement and shameful pushy validation
I have one eye and its fixated on the sky.

Failed online dating profile

Need a woman who thinks about her emotions, not a girl who emotionally thinks.
A woman who doesn't need a man to jump through hoops and bend over backwards to please her, but gets it anyway.
One that doesn't need a man's validation to have confidence in herself except his smile and nod of admiration.
Someone who is strong enough to fight their tears or just doesn't have any left.
Adventurous with necessity for cunning linguist who can see past herself, past, present future to an evenly odd core.
An absolute tyrant when it comes to loyalty and respect cures but villain when broken.
Passion with freedom and self-control.
Free wild and pure spirit of a Native Naive of the inexplicable hidden dagger we share.
Compassion even when it’s not returned.
Teach me something about yourself without me asking. I'm not on here to play 20 questions you should want to let me in without theatrics.
Get comfortable and take a deep breath this might just be the last plunge of your life
because I would do bath salts if it meant i could eat you..... giggaty

Journal of a simple day

Barely out of infancy, barely from crawling I remember two thing this day in NYC, I was with my parents and no more than 15 feet from the train station sat a homeless man, while i was in my spiffy little '93 mock up hoity toity light colored costume that symbolized a child with the potential to become a great lawyer or doctor insisted by my mother which I later loathed later in my early childhood and could barely stand the sight of in my antique dresser.

I saw him and still holding my mother’s hand i reached to this man but he reached out to me, having barely developed any conscience about life I remember this feeling of curiosity about something I had never seen before. Having just learned out to walk without stumbled and sitting in little chairs. This man sat on the ground. Nothing more in my memory that he was white and scruffy.

I cannot say too much about this because I was fuc*ing 3 and can only reflect on myself, but at least once a year I remember, I remember I was that man reaching out to that child and having his mother grab me away.

I remember that day essentially as the entirety of my life now, I am running away from my downfall or maybe just sitting on the ground waiting, waiting for someone to give me a pure moment of absolute reassurance. A glimpse of what life means or maybe the purpose. I felt it that day and I pray just one more time before I die.

When I was 19 i destroyed that fucking dresser, still haven't heard the end of it.

I think it was later that day, we went to a restaurant, I don't want to call it that because it was so big dark illusive and intricate that I don't remember a god damn single thing about it, all i remember was being at a huge round table with my parents on both sides of me, and old people with clothes that resembled them, powerful and controlled. My father has a 146 IQ and does not take lightly to disrespect. All i remember is one man telling my father that I should take fencing and/ or equestrianism.

I asked my father about this a year ago and lied, he said he had no clue what I was talking about.

About once a year I go over this memory in my head, I am deeply enveloped by the sense that I have barely a clue where I have been or what I've done or what my future will be.

Like turtles born into a slipstream and dying before they reached the destination

Delusion by Discipline (Learn to learn, do to do)

You do so on and so forth, think of how to live by the word title instead of the entitlement to empowerment and leadership but not dealing with inevitability things makes you revolve is preposterous and destructive. Indoctrinating a truth and not letting it manifest by its own conviction rather than interpreting the meaning.

Given a Profession adhesive to the sociological imagination, ego… rather than furthering discovery we give ourselves ample opportunity to stick to the old of everything from individualism to technology. The spectrum of hereditarily alone to the entire environment.

The point I am trying to make is that misdirection and change of the ego is not only a necessity but it is as well natural. The delusion that you will not get out of the revolving door if you do not try to be upwardly mobile in any way.

If your'e showing your not growing! Not trying to identify is your worst enemy

The short quotes, the long. The painted, the drawn.

My teachers seem to be the only who take pride in humility I copied and done.

Its about 7 billion right, keep thinking that princes and princesses.

Cause last time I checked there are still fish, trees, and lionesses'.

It's not anyone's fault; your dogma's.

Just bear with and don't be show offs.

Cause it can be a warm outside yet your judgement leaves you ice.

So bury your insignificance, buy you and a stranger a cookie, and for Pete's sake be nice.

Cause not every cat gets the mice.

Some lie and wait for an owner; rolling the dice.

I asked a girl if we could be friends she said no we can be acquaintances, we can talk when we see each other at school. I said oh kind of like a homeless man you give bread to everyday, she said yes and about 5 seconds later I said fuck I don't even get free bread

Dear atheists,

Please stop telling us there is no imaginary man in the sky, it is extremely disrespectful to Pilots and Astronauts. They are many and they are real.


Welcome Death and Life will bow at its side. Fear loss or loose fear, dance with the devil, he is the only opponent who's defeat comes from love. Choose to accept fate and fate will chose a lightly dark romantic comedy. Heart strings play here in accordance to what your surrounds and mind simultaneously act upon. Delve into delusion of self control and tolerance, but be warned Death is a handcuff to The Grand Court where eternity was never and all. Pain or Peace is least of concern here. One day it will be total, partial or worse, nothing at all.


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