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Updated on June 21, 2017

From the deep dark rift he rose
with a plasma field to greet the grey
the lightning arced with much spite
it rose and lo a raging storm
bloody vipers fled to the hills
an unstable current soon enveloped
Razor, The Lightning Revenant
had returned with magnetic fury

Countered over time and mobility
The call was addressed in a flash
An electric vortex leveled the opposition
A zip of ball lightning toward his foe
Radiant's answer to the Dire rage
Man and Spirit united
Raijin Thunderkeg, Storm Spirit

Kael knew not what to make of this
'But of course the gods must be crazy'
thought the keen observer oblivioused
The power of duality felt within him
surging through his human veins again
'It has been a while my friends'
the inner fire and the cold exterior
have had a stalemate too many
The long awaited party was here
'Surely Thrall is already on his way
and bloody Zeus will have his say'
Might as well be an even battle
The web of life and death
flashes before his eyes again
As it had done so
A long while ago
'Storm Corrision for Dinner lads'


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      ertugrulguc 10 months ago

      beatiful pic