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What a Book is Like

Updated on September 27, 2013

Glass panels cover half the well-lighted circular room overlooking a garden wall with water trickling downward the vines and blossoms. A young woman slid the glass door to open, breathed some green air, and walked beside flowery paths of bright yellow, deep red, and sweet orange. She held a rose, smelled it, and thorns accidentally pricked her as if waking her up from a dream. She found her way back inside toward a wooden round table resting in the middle of the room, and sat around it, on one of two comfy couches positioned beside each other.

She deeply sighed, grabbed the romance novel on the table and resumed reading. Books have such an effect, subtle but felt.

Found Love Letter
Found Love Letter | Source

A book is like a love letter. It tells sweet and intimate moments between a couple very much in love. It makes one hope, then, for a Romeo or a Juliet one day. It whispers secrets and hides messages understood only by lovers. It speaks not of perfect journeys, but of dreams and happy memories at least. It inspires love. Its words bring life to and define love for what it is, what it is for, what it should be, and what it is not in reality. It celebrates beauty in the eyes of the beholder, and the qualities attributed to the beloved. It defies imperfection with excuses and remedies. It promises an enduring love and is sealed with a kiss.

Glass of Water
Glass of Water | Source

A book is like a glass of water. It leaves one empty, half empty, half full, or full to the brim. It quenches thirst for knowledge but needs a refill for more, and often in a day. Sometimes it has lukewarm water. Not much excitement and suspense to it. It is plain, simple, and predictable. Other times, there is hot water; it wakes one up from sleep, drunkenness, or the meaningless of it all. It gives off heat and warmth melting hardened hearts and consciences. Occasionally, it has cold water. It gives the chills, tingles, and numbness. Most of the time, it remains an empty glass. Just wait and see when a freshly squeezed fruit juice is poured over it.

Clocks | Source

A book is like a clock. It reminds the passage of time, observes the present, and encourages the future. It ticks in time: history, classic, contemporary, revolutionary. Before, there was once a group of people capable of remarkable deeds. It honors and preserves their contributions and passes their wisdom to this generation. Great, young minds abound these days. A lot of them learnt a lot from the giants in history. Today, it addresses people and answers their social, cultural, professional, recreational, spiritual, and family needs respectively. What is in and out, it reveals. For tomorrow, it sets and predicts the trends owing it to the present and past. There is a new wave creating a ripple and another and another.

Glue Stick
Glue Stick | Source

A book is like glue. A part of it sticks to the reader. It could be its characters, conflict, climax, or denouement. All its elements are bonded together in one masterpiece. Its dialogue captivates in twists and turns, and makes one glued to it never mind the passing hours. A sentence or two is worth a quotation that is noted, copied, and pasted in various forms for others to ponder on. There are moments when one forms an attachment to it because it is the best read ever. It fastens readers to the question, what is next? It gives birth to series of books as the story is developed further in answer to the question. When the final book is read, how one wishes for more.

Mirror | Source

A book is like a mirror. It is said, one is what one eats. The same might be said to what one reads including those who create it. The reader and writer reflect it somehow. Personal struggles influence the development of a prose or story. A clergy feeds on spiritual books. An antagonist without saying it actually is the writer himself. What is written mirrors what others see and believe in, but not always. Oftentimes, the man in the mirror hates what he sees. So does a book. It says what one ignores to see, hear, and feel. One can either praise or scorn it. When reading it, questions about oneself lingers. Do I agree? Is it right? What should I do if I were her?

Chocolates | Source

A book is like a chocolate. It can be devoured morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. Too much of it is addicting. Perhaps suffer a book-ache, symptoms include eye strain, information overload, and excessive self-absorption. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate with almonds, chocolate balls, chocolate candies, name it. Suspense, romance, short story, motivational, memoir, poetry, comedy, drama, or action – literary genres define a book. A story is hard to swallow at first, but soon enough, it “melts”, and one cannot get enough of it. Toddlers, children, teens, young adults, and oldies want to have a bite or two of chocolates. Everyone has or should have a book or two in their bookshelves. A book, like a chocolate, is a treat.

Photos c/o Flickr under Creative Commons-license.

© 2011 chelle


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    • silkwormy profile image

      chelle 6 years ago from Manila, PH

      I almost forgot to thank you for taking time to read this. Thank you shea duane! (smiling) I never thought it would leave a poetic impression. It's encouraging. I was experiencing writer's block when I started this hub. Then I spotted some things around me and the rest followed.

      The last time I wrote a poem was...more than three years ago. I'll try to make another one soon. I posted my very first two haikus so far, the beginners way, in another blog for the fun of it.

    • shea duane profile image

      shea duane 6 years ago from new jersey

      wow. i love this. what a beautiful way to describe something many of us forget to appreciate.

      your writing is very poetic... so lovely