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What Aspires People to Become Writers?

Updated on July 11, 2012

Writing is a great exercise and activity for people to embark on because it entices them to construct unique stories, poems, and characters that they can call their own. It's a very satisfying process that ends with a creation of your own coming to life. Whenever I was younger, I was always amazed at how other authors could come up with such amazing stories and plot points. Growing up and gaining inspiration from a variety of sources, I was able to start writing my own unique stores and begin to feel the satisfaction of making a story that I could call my own.

This, in my opinion, is one of the reasons why so many people aspire to become writers and authors; they have so many great ideas in their heads that they would love to see it come to life within the context of a story or poem. If you ever wish to become a writer one day and begin to have second thoughts, just remember the satisfaction that can be gained through working hard at making a story or poem that can only be called your own.

Anyone who writes a lot will know the feelings that accompany it. On the one hand you truly love doing it and don't see it as work at all, but on the other hand, it is truly hard not to keep looking at your work and doubting yourself. You may start to doubt your story and always be improving it, but will never be 100% satisfied. It's through all this aspirations and suffering though that makes the final product that much more worth it. Achieving something in life would not be as rewarding if there wasn't some sort of challenge involved; with writing it is the thoughts that take root in you that your work may not be the best.

It's important to remember though that you will always think this way because it is your own creation, so it is natural to have doubts from time to time. You always have to remain confident though and never let those thoughts get the best of you. Keep writing everyday, fix what you think needs fixing, and show others what you have done. Chances are many will be impressed with what you accomplished and so will you.

What was it that aspired you to write and did you find it difficult ever? Did you every doubt yourself and your writing abilities?


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