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Mental Health Is Important

Updated on July 14, 2020
Samip Katwal profile image

“ I am super pissed off at you. You didn’t care about me. You left me alone like I knew those people since long. You are a traitor. “

Chapter 1

“ I am super pissed off at you. You didn’t care about me. You left me alone like I knew those people since long. You are a traitor. “ These were the last words I heard from her. I have been searching her now for a week. I can find no evidence of her. I am quite worried now. At first, I thought she went off to her best friend’s. I let her calm down, didn’t call her. But now she is not answering my calls. I had to go and look at her best friend’s. She said she was not in contact with her since last 8 days. What might have happened to her? Is she possibly kidnapped? Or did she get into an accident? All these nonsenses ran through my mind. I decided to register a FIR at Police.

What Could Have Possibly Happened to Her?

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Chapter 2

I was about to leave for Police Station. The door behind me opened; I was shocked.
Me: Where have you been?
She: I returned late last night. I slept in the couch as I was too tired and then shifted to the room early morning.
Me: But how come I didn’t know about it?
She: You know nothing, Sam. You never know anything.
Me: Just tell me, where have you been?
She: Why do you even care?
Me: I moved forward slowly, held her by her waist.
She (Breathing heavily): Don’t worry! I was fine wherever I was.
Me: Why are you hiding it?( In an angry tone)
She: Because I had been to your house. Your mom and dad were missing us. You have been so busy in your works. They didn’t want to disturb you either. So, I thought I would surprise them.
Me: You could have told me Elena. It has been long since I went home. I miss them. No work really is more important than your family.
She: It is just a matter of 1 year. Then we will be with our parents, rest of your life. Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you.
Me( opening eyes slowly): Elena, Where are you?
I looked around, everywhere. I could not find her. She disappeared yet again. Uff! Why are you playing hide and seek with me? I called her. But she had left behind her cell.

Where could have she possibly gone?

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Chapter 3

Yet again, I could understand nothing. Where did she disappear, why did she disappear. All these unanswered questions came across my mind. And as I moved ahead to open the door, there she opened the door and entered in. It almost scared the hell out of me.
Me: You scared me. This is second time you have disappeared today. Where have you been?
She: Oh Honey! I had gone to get tickets for us.
Me: Did you get them? And what are the tickets for? Where are we leaving for?
She: We are going to your home. But seems unlikely possible today. All tickets are booked.
Me: Wait, I will book tickets by flight.
She: But I wanted to surprise you.
Me: Its fine. I was surprised actually when you disappeared
We packed our luggage. I had already booked a cab. So we left for airport. The driver was staring at us constantly. I felt awkward and wanted to know the reason. I checked my dress once. It was all good. But I had no time to ask him personally. So, I let it go.

We managed to catch our flight.
The other passengers were staring at me. I didn’t know for what reason. I kept talking to Elena.

So finally I reached Kathmandu. I was in a hurry to reach home soon. Finally, I came to my place. I rang the bell. Mom and Dad both were there to welcome me. I touched their feet and took their blessings. Seeing them after almost 2 years made me emotional. I hugged them tight.
Me : Mom, I am too tired. She must be tired as well. Take rest Elena!
Dad and Mom looked at each other’s face.
Mom: Who are you talking to son?
Me: Mom, don’t joke! I am talking to your daughter-in-law. There she is. In fact, she planned this trip.
Mom( Hugging me tight): Wake up my dear son! There is no one except you. You travelled the entire journey alone. Elena passed away 2 years ago.
I was shocked on hearing this. The next moment I shouted Elena! I got no response. I then realized why the driver, passengers in plane were staring at me. I was having hallucinations. I was talking to myself the whole time.

Mom and Dad, managed me somehow. I got through this. It was not that easy. I tried everyday. It was a long process as well. It took me nearly 6 years. Finally, I got back to normal. I got to spend time with my family after very long. There were all smiles as my sister graduated as well.

Message From The Author

We have been so obsessed to our works. The pressure of deadlines, studies, relationship; everything has made us stress. We don’t even know when we find ourselves in this. We don’t even realize we are getting depressed day by day. Depression is not all of a sudden. It is a long process. If we can give time to our family, talk with them, interact on daily basis with them. Half of our stress will be gone. Elena( A fictional character), being dead helped me go through this. Had she not been there, I would have not returned back to my home. I would have not got time to spend with family. If dead can stand for the true cause! Why not living? Can’t we support our friends, family, or whoever. A little effort will prevent us from getting depressed. Mental Health matters. Mental Health is important. Please don't take it lightly.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Samip Katwal


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