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What Caused Giant Plants and Animals in the Ancient World?

Updated on September 4, 2012

by Christine B.

It has been a long documented fact that at the time when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth most creatures and plant life were much larger than it is now. Scientists have been baffled by this for centuries. What caused these reptiles to grow so large?

One of the most accepted theories is that at the time the dinosaurs inhabited Earth the Earth’s crust gave off more radiation. Since they have done radiation testing with plant life and have discovered that it caused it to grown larger, scientist assume that it would have the same effect on reptiles. Reptiles seem to have more resistances to radiation than other animal species. If the radiation was making them and the plants they eat larger, then one would think that they would eventually get enough radiation in their system that it would eventually be lethal. Another theory that comes to my mind is that these huge animals might have been placed on this planet by someone from another world.

More questions come to mind: why were some species, like horses actually smaller than they are now? Great wooly mammoths were much larger than today’s elephants, and saber toothed tigers much bigger than today’s tigers, but they were both mammals, not reptiles. Why weren’t there more mammals on the Earth at that time? The giant dragonflies prevalent at the time were insects, not reptiles. Even some of the dinosaur species were smaller than the real giants. Why didn’t the radiation affect them in the same way it affected the T-Rex?

So, if a huge asteroid hit the Earth and killed off all the dinosaurs and plant life on the planet why did life eventually come back as being a “normal” size? Why would the Earth’s crust suddenly stop giving off that type of radiation after this event?

Science estimates that it has discovered only about 1% of life on Earth at the time of the Dinosaurs. There are many more unanswered questions about this period than there are answers. All we can do is develop hypotheses based on the knowledge we have from fossils and bits and pieces of bones we have unearthed. Because there is a gapping missing link between the Jurassic Period and the time when life as we know it evolved
we might never know for certain what caused the reptiles to become such behemoths.

If the dinosaurs walked this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, they were doing something right. Perhaps by science doing some “Jurassic Park” experimentation they will be able to find more answers. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out they have been doing that for years! I would also not be amazed if they found that dinosaur DNA doesn’t match other life forms on Earth.


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