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What Comes With My Stiff Neck

Updated on December 3, 2011

Go Away Stop Bothering Me

What did I do to deserve this ?

Did I sleep wrong ?

It couldn't of been that I woke up fine

I must of moved the wrong way

I did the same thing I do every day

It can't be my pillows because when this happened before we bought new ones

I know I will keep turning my head from side to side

Make circles with my nose until the pain goes

Wider circles as if I am looking straight up into the sky

Ahh that feels better even if it is just for the next few seconds

I have a heating pad and that will do the trick

I am just plain L A Z Y

To get off my butt and get it

I know it has to be stress

Not now I am off from work today and tomorrow

I know I will blame it on leaf raking I did yesterday

I wonder why ?

When I was out there the weather was gorgeous for this time of the year

In the low 60's and I really had so much fun

Listening to the leaves rustle as I raked

Piling them up and resisting to jump in them

Just once noone will see me

I can be a kid again

So I kicked the pile with my foot instead and watched a few leaves fly

A huge smile decorated my face

Like a childs first birthday cake

The leaves were wet what do I care

They go in the bag easier and pack down quicker

But they are heavier

That thought also crossed my mind

How nice is that I am lifting the tiniest little weights in the world and I didn't have to go to the gym

What do I always have to blame someone or something for my troubles ?

I know I will wish it away as if it never happened

This takes some practice

You know you just don't wish it and then boom your neck is back to normal

I have to concentrate real hard

Squint my eyes as if that does something special

Say it out loud and to myself quietly in my head

I want my neck to be back to normal and feel no stiffness or slight pain

I want to forget we even brought the whole subject up

I want to dismiss this case of a stiff neck like a case thrown out of court

Found without a cause and definitely no right to be here

The judge says loudly case dismissed and if I find you back in this courtroom again I will have you personally Mr. Stiff neck thrown in jail for contempt of court and aggrivating me on such a beautiful day

Wouldn't that be nice if every illness had to face a judge and a jury

We could never be sick or have any pains unless they had a darn good case of sickness is do

As long as we could show the courtroom we never believed in being ill or unhappy the case would be dismissed without a finding

Well as for me I feel a little less stiff and if it is all in my mind or in my neck

Too soon to tell

I will try that heating pad after all and maybe type something nicer than this while I am healing

That will make any other aches disappear too

For those who have a stiff neck and feel kind of down with their body sore and achey

Don't let any ache get the best of you

You are stronger and healthier than you know

Doctors don't tell you this because they all need a job and insurance companies like you to pay the co pay for the office visit

Some people say that is what makes the world go round

I think people should think different and not be like everyone else

Stuck on the merry go round


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      femmeflashpoint I love your advice and I am better now.I don't know how they can sell those shiatsu massages because they are too rough.I would recomend a foot massager they are too die for.Heres to good health and a wonderful life.

    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 6 years ago


      I'm wholeheartedly in agreement about the docs' opinions as well! Thankfully, my doc's not like that at all, lol.

      Wait 'til the leaves are dry and fluffy and THEN jump in them! (Grin!) If peeps see you and frown, they have no class, and this should bother you why????

      We only live once. Jump in the leaves at every dry opportunity! :)

      P.S. For the neck, try Ibuprofen and Vick's salve. Swallow one, rub your neck with the other. Steer clear of the shiatsu massager - it'll take you WEEKS to recover from using it. I'm still sporting bruises on my ribs from the one I bought last week. :p

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick I think my doctor read this hub.My co pay just went up.Have a happy and healthy day.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      Hilarious as always. Loved your logic that doctors like us to think we are sicker than we are, so we need them.!