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What Coulda Been.

Updated on December 12, 2009

What Coulda Been.



Would that you and I
were not as fate decreed,
just two lost souls
life left to wander
all these years,
without the joys of
our fingers entwined
and our lips paired as one
in liquid blends,
of taste and touch
as whispered words,
brought heartfelt thought
with nothing else between us
but patterned cloth
and pockets of air.

Would that I had
known you much better,
long before
as well as I
have memorized
the lines of my own face,
as surely as I know
the map of my own flesh,
and it's wayward travels.
Oh, if only you
could have been
the girl next door,
and me, the guy she played with,
a first and only true love,
instead of paths of pain
on which we both have embarked,
over the years apart
with or without regrets.

would that you
could hold me.
curled in your fingers
and squeeze me,
like a handshake between
two oldest, and closest of friends,
familiar and warm,
as you watched
the flames of passion,
blazing brightly under
my half-closed eyelid,
as you felt the stirrings
of the flesh that hardens,
during one of life's
most tender of moments.

Would that I could
wet your lips
in stereo places,
making your breath catch
like the gasp of a newborn,
freshly emerging
from the fluids of
love's greatest gifts,
as it realizes
life with all it's potential,
smiling as you cry out,
with ecstatic joy,
at our joint discoveries.

It is thoughts like these,
that keep the embers
glowing in the caverns
of my heart,
and it is knowing
that we could still share
a match together,
that makes a spark
to kindle flames,
that quenches the cold,
that grips our lives.
Without all of our
what would haves,
or what should have been
if we had not
as fate decreed,
been left to wander
separate paths of sorrow.



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    • hotspur profile image

      hotspur 8 years ago from England

      Ouch! If only...Liked the roll and the rhythm of this. Look forward to reading more. Thanks for the poem.