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What Do Trolls Like To Eat

Updated on May 9, 2017

According to European mythology, there live some creatures that are very big and ugly. They have a typical height that range from ten to twelve feet high. Their faces are very hideous and with huge pointed ears, broad and long nose with low foreheads. They have wide mouth with thick lips and yellow teeth. They usually live in caves, rocks and trees but mostly found in different cavities of rocks. They have longer arms with broad shoulders and very robust physique that are covered with so much fur that are thick and colored black or brown. They too have tough skins. They have a very poor eyesight but with immensely strong sense of hearing. These creatures that possessed superb strength and endurance are termed as Trolls. Some say that small trolls also emerged. They lack the physical prowess and strength but still pose same dangers with the big ones.


Beware! Don't Feed the Trolls!

A troll is usually hungry all the time. They typically eat anything that doesn't require hard chewing. According to myths, trolls like to eat humans. When they get the chance to catch a human, they immediately rip off the head and throw them away. The identified reason for this action is because trolls don’t like the taste of human brains.

Trolls are afraid of water and do not like getting wet. Because of this, rarely will they clean themselves. These creatures are classified into two, the Mountain Trolls and the Woodland Trolls. Mountain Trolls are often wrapped with thick dirt and dust while Woodland Trolls are covered with dirt, leaves, moss and straws. In general, the only difference between the two is the size. The mountain trolls are bigger than the woodland trolls.


Goin' Trollin'

Trolls may be physically powerful and strong, but they too can be caught in their own traps. In some stories, humans can manage to come out on the top of the trolls and kills them. This may suggest that humans are far more intelligent than any creature and that it can find solution to any problem encountered.

The story about trolls has made great contributions to different myths about dwarves and elves. Behind their enormous physical attributes, strength and terrifying thoughts, lies the lesson that can be learned aside from the enjoyment that it gives. There may be different approaches on how every story is crafted depending on the cultural influences and locations, one thing remained constant, legends are bound to give moral lessons in the end. Despite of the flaunted characteristics of the trolls, they continue to be adored by many storytellers and readers keep on enjoying it. Several miniatures of trolls were made and sold out in the different parts of the world. And its songs and stories continue to linger and thrived as part of survival.

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Although the origins of Trolls is unclear because some claim that the creatures started in Britain, while some say in Ireland, one thing is assured, these characters are popular folklore characters while some believe on its existence. No matter what the history brings, Trolls are great reminiscence of the past imaginative thinking.


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    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 5 years ago from Seattle

      Awesome hub! What myths are you sourcing for this info? I could really use the reference about now...

    • Jalapeno10 profile image

      Jalapeno10 6 years ago

      Hi Peggy! Yes. You're right. Thanks for dropping by. :)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Your title was catchy and now I know the answer! Trolls like to eat everything but brains! Haha!

    • Jalapeno10 profile image

      Jalapeno10 6 years ago

      Thanks Peter. :)

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

      Fascinating. Thank you. I will have to catch a Troll. Feeding it should be no problem.