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What Do the Real 'FSU' People Do for the Year?

Updated on January 1, 2018

Is Tallahassee, Florida BiPolar?

FSU (Women's events promotions); FSU football bowl hopeful; FSU Girls soccer hopeful

Quintin Goynes | HubPages

As expected, there are hundreds of infamous authors in the Capitol region of Florida (i.e., Tallahassee, FL). Furthermore, you do have the opportunity to see familiar faces that match up to the photos placed on the front pages of some books. Also, the Leon County Public Library is a terrific resource for professional personalities and government reservists.

Contrarily, what about learning about ['this'] Tallahassee, as a location, in lieu of waiting for a miracle, FSU season to reappear. Frankly, that is what is going through the thoughts of student alumni and sports reporters. 'Can't we all just get along long enough to watch these football guys win more games?' After investigating the Tallahassee area, Quintin Goynes Sr. aka "ManIntheMiddle[qg]" allocates many mystifying answers.

What Do the Real FSU People Do, as a Losing Practice-Routine, for the Year?

'FSU, Tallahassee finds a way to recover from losing so much, during 2017.'

I Tried Fishing

The local fish market on Tharpe St. and Blountstown St. Surprisingly, residents can find a small fish market, a good ride away from downtown. No foul smells and good looking workers is what was discovered in no time. Only four to five miles down Tennessee St. (going westbound) to Blountstown Highway; or go north on N. Monroe, to Tharpe St. and make a left to Tharpe St. to get to a 'food-fry' trailer that is next to the fish market.

This type of venture sets things into perspective. The business workers are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Now, what does this have to do with Florida State University?

Comments: After allocating a "Big Bend Edition, Coastal Angler," I thought about adding this magazine to the on-campus selection at both TCC and FSU.

'Village Square,' Tallahassee (Courtesy of 'Tallahassee Aerial' 'Facebook')

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Even Miami Gets What They Need from FSU

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