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What Happened To The House Full of Love

Updated on June 17, 2017
There once was a house full of love
Nothing, it seemed, could break the bond.
But somewhere along the way
All the love fell between the cracks
Leaving the house in total chaos.
The ones who suffer the most
Were the children of the house
Who didn’t ask to be brought in this world
But are here as a result
Of their parent’s actions.
The kids rarely get quality time with the parents
Mainly getting screamed at to do something
Such as being sent to their rooms
Telling them constantly to go away
Spanking them in the wrong frame of mind—
Not listening to a story
That the kids would love to tell.
Never taking time for one on one communication
Demanding respect but never giving it
How can a house that was full of love
Become a house such as this?
What can be done to bring this house
Back to what it used to be: A HOME.
That house has burned down
And nothing of it can be found--
But another love has come shining through
And this love is a stronger one too.
So for that house that was full of love
Has been replaced through the grace from above.

True love conquers all.
True love conquers all.


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    • Ann Lee profile image

      Ann Lee 7 years ago

      Sometimes people need to separate to work things out.