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My Children Must be Free and What Harm Could the God of Slaves Do?

Updated on March 30, 2014

My Children Must be Free

I love my people,
the children of Israel
Long held in captivity.
I am their God.
They belong to me.
I long for their freedom.
I am all they need.
I will pursue them,
Remind them they are mine.
How beloved they are to me.
They must be delivered.
I will do anything for their freedom.

Pharoah does not know me.
He thinks he can ignore me.
He mistreats my people.
I do not wish him harm.
I wish for him to realize who I AM.
He ignores me.
He does not believe me.
I have made him suffer.
Still he cannot see.
He chooses to harden his heart
Over and again.
After much time of many rejections,
I harden his heart for him.
He continues to push me away.
He refuses to believe.

The Death Angel is sent to Egypt.
The first born from cattle to slave
To palace are stricken.
It takes extreme depths of grief
For Pharoah to set my people free.
At last, he understands what they mean to me.

A new king took Egypt and Pharoah was he.

“The Israelites are growing too strong in number. Put them to hard labor. The Israelites are going to be the brick and mortar used to erect monuments that will glorify me, the one true, the only deity.”

Pharoah’s advisors knew the Israelites served Yahweh, the Hebrew God and the slaves called Him the true King. Pharoah could not compete with Yahweh for the worship of the Israelite slaves.

Pharoah was fearless.

“What harm can a god of slaves do? He must be as weak as those enslaved by me. Let them keep their Hebrew God. These slaves will soon realize I am all the god they will need. Use the Israelites until all their blood and lives are spent. At the end, they will see I am the greater deity.”

Pharoah did not know he and his words would soon be swallowed by the Red Sea. Yahweh would soon manifest and set His children free.

Through Moses, Yahweh, the one true God, spoke to Pharoah. "Let my children go"! Pharoah's heart was hardened and he worked the Israelites harder than before.

"Pharoah, let my children go! Do you not know that you will be cursed, you and your land, by keeping my chilren in captivity? They must be set free to come and worship and serve me". Even though Pharoah's waters were blood and he was overrun with frogs, flies, gnats, and locusts, he would not let Yahweh's people free.

"Pharoah, let my chilren go! Your people will suffer greatly for keeping my people imprisoned."

The land was covered in the darkest of dark. It was night and never day for a brief time.

Yahweh, the all powerful God of the house of Israel and of all creation, continued to harden Pharoah's heart.

Pharoah asked, "Who is this Yahweh, that I should be concerned with what He has to say? I am my own god and will keep the Hebrew slaves from being free".

Yahweh, the only deity, the one true King, spoke through Moses one final time. "Pharoah, let my children go!"

Pharoah hardened his heart. God sent the Death Angel to Egypt. From the cattle to the palace, all the firstborn were stricken.

From the depths of despair, for his son was among the stricken firstborn, Pharoah whimpered before Yahweh, "I will let your people go".

And then Pharoah knew what harm the God of slaves could do.


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