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What Harry Potter Characters Should Look Like

Updated on July 8, 2015

1) Harry Potter

drawn by woshibbdou
drawn by woshibbdou | Source

Harry was tall, skinny, he had his mother’s green eyes. A common phrase in the book is, “Harry! You look just like your father, but you have your mother’s eyes.”

2) Ron Weasley

drawn by afro2006
drawn by afro2006 | Source

Ron was pretty good in the movie, but in the book he was taller and lankier.

3) Tonks

drawn by napalmnacey
drawn by napalmnacey | Source

I always pictured Tonks as pixie-like; small round face, compact body, almost like a dancer. I loved that her hair changed colors, and especially loved when it was pink!

4) Bart Crouch Jr.

drawn by: maXKennedy
drawn by: maXKennedy | Source

He was blonde in the book, I’m even entirely sure if they had him in the movie or not. He was a boy with good intentions that got lead astray by the dark lord. He would have gone on to do great things if he had been corrupted by the death eaters. All he really wanted was his father to pay attention to him, and when he did, Barty turned to You-Know-Who, who promised him greatness and most importantly, approval if he did what the dark lord wanted him to do.

5) Sirius Black

drawn by muirin007
drawn by muirin007 | Source

Gary Oldman is a great actor, but he was not a good fit for Sirius Black. Think about it, Sirius spend thirteen years in a place where all the happiness got sucked out of him on a daily basis. That’s bound to leave some psychological and emotional issues. When he was younger, he was the most handsome boy at Hogwarts, and some of that still shows through but Azkaban had taken it’s toll on him. He would be quite thin and skeletal, with sunken dark eyes. In the book he was more unstable; one minute laughing hysterically, and the next sullen and moody. It’s a hard character to portray, even for Gary.

6) Remus Lupin

drawn by muirin007
drawn by muirin007 | Source

Lupin was quite young in the book, maybe early thirties. But, the burden of being a werewolf made him look older than appeared. Like Sirius, he was once handsome, but had fallen on hard times. He was the only marauder to not fall into the dark side, and the only one that stayed truly loyal to Harry and James.

7) Lily Evans

Drawn by alicexz
Drawn by alicexz | Source

I loved Lily in the book because she had dark red hair and bright green eyes. I wish they had portrayed better in the movies!

8) Dobby

drawn by feliciacano
drawn by feliciacano | Source

In the movie, Dobby looked like a booger. He pretty much looked like this in my head though.

8) Fleur Delacour

Drawn by Melllorine
Drawn by Melllorine | Source

She’s not fully human, she's a quarter Veela which gives her the beauty she has. I always pictured her being like Galadrial from Lord of the Rings.

10) Bill Weasley

Drawn by leelastarsky
Drawn by leelastarsky | Source

In the book, he is described as “cool, with long red hair and a dragon tooth earring.”


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    • Hildy Gloom profile image

      Hildy Gloom 2 years ago

      movie Dobby is cute!

    • thegrassisgreen77 profile image

      thegrassisgreen77 2 years ago

      You re spot on about Sirius Black. I totally agree!