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"What I Find" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on April 1, 2014

"What I Find"

Hidden treasures

Buried underneath fear

Smiling through their cracks

Crows feet smashing facade

The buzzards low flying stare

Circling the circle

Swooping down for a peck

A sloppy kiss before death

We lay witness

It's a real thing, we just seent it

Death comes from above


Wooden soldiers



When the buzzards are out

Run for cover


Turn and scream, challenge

Let em take a big ol chunk of your face

They swoop, they scoop, they tuck for speed

A direct hit

Fighting for my flesh amongst themselves

Choke on it

Prehistoric minds


Battle scarred Pinocchio walking home

Maybe a chick will dig the scar

I'll love her flaws as my own

Slap this rooster around

Just for a few rounds

Till we throw in the towel

Dry each other off, soaking up the tears

Sharing our liquid through the years

Tidal waves of emotion

Rolling thunder from the ocean

Tickling our toes on some distant shore

Sippin Rita's in someone else's yard

Laughing, mocking the novelty that is love

A cool breeze coming off the sea

Blankets of memories keep us warm

Whispers of a boat

Two pirates looking for adventure and death


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    • c-m-hall profile image

      CMarie 3 years ago from York, Maine

      You're a trip!