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What I Have Learned in My Advanced Writing Class

Updated on December 5, 2016

The writing process I went through this semester was a challenging one. From blog posts to writing assignments, it was difficult to keep on track. But I have noticed a great improvement in my writing level not only in this class but noted by my nursing professors as well. Needless to say the more you write the better you are at it. One of my favorite pieces I read and wrote about was William Zinsser's Simplicity. In this piece he preaches that American writing is filled with nonsensical sentence fillers. I learned from this piece that less is more.The more precise you are with wording the better your message will come across to your audience.

The paper I enjoyed writing the most was the biography. I learned all of Walt Disney's many struggles before he rose to fame. This paper allowed me to put myself in someone else's shoes. I enjoyed that we were allowed to write about a topic we were most passionate about. This made the writing process a lot easier. I felt that this aspect allowed me to excel in my writing skills in this course.


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