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The Country I Adore

Updated on August 11, 2017

Heart of being a Filipino.

A country that is historically and culturally rich. A small country with tropical weather, where you'll see places that's so mesmerizing, and breathtaking. The smiles of people around are as radiant as the sun, and their hospitality and friendliness could make anyone feel at home. A country built with 7,100 islands, and inhabited by people with different languages, yet still unites with one heart. This is the nation to which I will always be proud of. I am a Filipino, and I will always bear the heart of being a Filipino.


A tribute to my beloved country...

The country I will always adore

The place where I am always willing to die for.

Small country with rich culture and history,

Also rich in places that you'll love to see.

The smiles of the people are radiant as the sun

With their sense of humor you'll surely have fun.

Their friendliness and hospitality

Will give your hearts a feeling of security.


Like a Philippine eagle that soars high in the sky

My love for my country will never die.

I will always be proud of where I came from

Even in the other parts of the world

I will always shout the words:

I am a Filipino!


© 2017 Adolf Christopper Festejo


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