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6 Things Nobody Wants For Christmas

Updated on March 30, 2016

Everyone says, 'it's the thought that counts," although we all know some people don't think when they give a gift. They just pick out something and give it to another because of the holiday.

Whether it be your birthday party or Christmas, everyone should at least try to think about what they bring as a gift. Not only give their gifts considerable thought, but when inviting people over be mindful of how they behave when they accept gifts.

Some people, of course, fail at both of these things and can ruin a special event.

They're the ones that bring you something somebody used or they don't want.

On this mini-article, I am going to highlight what most of us do not want for Christmas.


1. Personal Gifts Shouldn't Be Given By Everyone

You don't want a male cousin or brother-in-law showing up and giving your wife or sister some lingerie from Victoria Secrets. This gift is too personal.

Do not buy another girl's boyfriend some silk boxers. This is a gift that suggests you may have been thinking about someone entirely too much.

Stick to buying socks, video games, or nice belts.

Buying cooking utensils for someone who has owned their home for over 5 years means you put no thought into that gift.

Buying your nephews and nieces contraceptives isn't a good idea to their parents. Bringing fruitcake is a dead no-no especially if you didn't cook it.

When in doubt just give money. Any random gift, other than money or something edible, may cause a conflict in the house.


2. Insulting Gifts

Do not buy me a push-up bra. Anyone who's ever seen me knows that I need nothing that will show that they're there.

Underwear for women are nice coming from an aunt, sister or cousin. Do not give underwear as a gift under the assumption of their size. No big bloomers that resemble short pants. This makes it seem as if you are calling someone fat. This should not be a consideration at all if you are male or a friend of the family.

As a friend or even family, giving hygiene products as gifts are a no-no. Listerine is the most potent mouthwash ever. You might as well say, you have foul, unholy, turgid, awful breath; listerine should help.

Things like acne medicine are a no-no. Giving wax for the face to women; not a good idea. Giving anti-medical soap or deodorant to men seem like insults under the breath.

However, good gifts are designer lotions, soaps, perfumes, and colognes.

Even if one doesn't want to or can't spend the money for designer products, they should never give any gifts consisting of hygiene products.

When in doubt just give money. If one wants to bring a dessert, let it be anything but a fruit cake.


3. Assumptions About My Economic Situation Gifts

It's not a good idea to buy something that will cause or lead to a long-term investment. You know what's coming. Pets.

Pets are great to have when you can afford to have them. Pets are also great to have when parents agree to them.

Dangerous pets can be problem-filled, especially if they bite you and poison is passed through them to you which sends you to the hospital. They are long-term investments.

What's really horrible about this is that this gift can be a common stray a person took pity on. They heard you or your kids might want a cat or dog so they decided to catch it and bring this wild and scared one to your family. They leave this gift without a start-up kit. No food, litter pan, shampoo, no shots, no veterinarian visits or pending appointments. And on top of this, it just runs inside your house and hides.

These gifts also includes things includes things that parents have to put insurance on or pay taxes for because someone bought the gift for their child. They can be motorboats, motorcycles, cars, or jet skis and so forth.

When in doubt, just give money; keep the fruitcake away.


4. Complaints About Gifts

Some people pick nice things like something edible for everyone. They buy something electronic. Most buy popular shoes, clothing accessories for winter, sunglasses, or when in doubt, give money. Other people bring things like I've mentioned above or something worst.

Case in point, they give a gift that they didn't even think about like a walkman. Most of you don't even know what this is. Right now I can't remember what one looks like.

And what does some people usually have to give after receiving something that isn;t bad, but something they don't really want, complaints

They complaining all day long about the same thing instead of just enjoying the holiday. It's over, you've gotten the gift. This gift is your gift. No need to ruin the holiday for everyone arguing about why it's here. Complaining about a gift's existence is not going to make it go away.

So complainers please don't hesitate to just shut-up and move on to the next gift, or when in doubt don't accept any gifts from anybody.


5. All Day Sports Gift

Who would even plays sports on this day? Who would go to work on this day?

Some of us end up having to watch sports on TV for Christmas. We have to watch holding, interferences, tackling, and so forth. It's all boring. Lets watch something we can all agree on wanting to see. Lets watch a movie.

Lets watch something in the spirit of Christmas definitely, but can it at least be something funny. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation funny. Scrooged funny. Friday After Next funny.

Not so much, White Christmas musically. Miracle on 34th street inspirational slash depressing.

If not something funny, then at least action-packed. Lets see, Django Unchained, ONLY US ADULTS.

Lets do something we can all agree on. No one wants to be forced to watch football. If sports are all the persons inviting people over want to do, then they should at least give everyone a heads up.

That way people will know how long to stay.

6. A Food-Less Holiday

The family holiday dinner is a tradition in almost all households. We must dine at our own or someone's home like grandma, grandpa, a great aunt or others. We must eat and eat good.

This doesn't mean the people who never cook, because they can't, cooks this time. I mean everyone should be able to have a fresh cooked holiday dinner together from the people WE KNOW can definitely cook. One in which we can eat either at a table or in front of a movie on the TV.

Having no holiday dinner is the most non-inspirational thing to happen on Christmas. No gifts are plausible but no food unacceptable.

It doesn't matter who one has the dinner with, associates, friends, cousins or anyone.

You can eat solo or with your cat all the things you ever wanted to eat, which can be donuts and ice cream; just have yourself a holiday meal or attend one.

Last Note

Christmas is the greatest. It is truly the most wonderful holiday of the year.

There's family, friends, and food. Love food. Anyway, don't pick out bad gifts, don't complain, and enjoy the holiday.

Enjoy your time from work and the pressures and aggravation of all the different types of customer service an employee must provide.

Embrace peace on Earth for all mankind and enjoy your holiday.


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