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What I Blog

Updated on February 4, 2015

Tell Me About Blogging

Oh, the ins and outs of expanding on that topic...Building a business, a network, a forum, a presence effecting people, us, each other, with the rhetoric of possibly gaining a better understanding of whatever that is. Becoming aware of one's perspective and finding that it has uniquely impressed way or another.

Let's take a look at building a business & promoting your business online. You may hear often "Build A Brand Awareness", "Create the Buzz"; well, with the peerless notion that is as individual as you are-I would like to encourage you, that this is a great place to begin cultivating your business. Reaching out to optimize all avenues. In 2013, I joined a very small Team, with a beautiful system, full-steam-ahead! It was a self made website-that stretches across our nation. Now, how do we tell more people about who we are, what we do, and what we do for you? BRANDING. BUZZ. Right, I mean that's where the stability of all your sweat & tears come together forming that foundation. I ended up leaving in 2014, to pursue my career further-but, not before being part of a Team that in one year grew to be in all 50 states and 60 countries, and continue to grow everyday! That's creating Buzz!

What about becoming part of a network? What does that mean? It is key to that foundation-Know Who You Are. It means to integrate your day to day business world with others who are doing the same; it's like, 'being on the same page', per say. Someplace where you can become more familiar with those of like-mind and build relationships that inspire, uphold and reinforce each connection.

What is the next ingredient? Being part of that forum. A forum is a message board. It is an ongoing discussion of conversations through postings. How can being involved with a forum help a business? It is here, where you will find open and free discussion about that topic.

So, back to BRANDING, and the BUZZ. Branding your Business and Creating the Buzz will generate the construction of Your Presence Online. Many have been down this road, you are not alone. Take that Plan and initiate yourself as a recourse.


A Little Blog History

The blogging community has really taken a huge leap into the frontier. Where to begin.

The first actual "blog" was noted in 1983, by a guy named Brian E. Redman. He and his associates as a newsgroup-posted postings and threads that they found & were intrigued by, on the internet. In 1987, another moderated newsgroup joined in the fun of summarizing posts. Did you know that Rec.humor.funny might qualify as the oldest still-running blog, in the world. And, what would we do without Tim Berners-Lee who brought us and who coined the term "world wide web".

The word "blog", did not originate till the late 1990s.

TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG...Is That A Question?

OK. So, now we're blogging, right. We are blogging how to blog, what to blog, build a blog! Don't you love how we can all blog together. That kind of encapsulates the whole idea. Just think about it.

From Whence Does Your Inspiration Come?



Reading and concentration form the foundation of memorization. As children and adults, we take in information constantly. What to do with it, is the question; but you don't have to think about it-Our brain figures that out for us. Depending on what fraction of the intake of concern, it will remain stuck, per say. You can Train your brain, if you want to think about it.

There are books, books and more books on exercising the brain and how fundamental it is to do so. By Developing a Skill, Practicing a Skill one will reap the benefits.

Here are a few Study Skills:

  • Time Management
  • Procrastination
  • Listening
  • Note Taking
  • Textbook Reading
  • Library Research
  • Concentration
  • Stress Management

Take A Break!

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Einstein & Blogging? Blogging & Einstein?

So what does Einstein and blogging have to do with each other? Just the definition of a blog give such clarity of freedom by way of expression, that Einstein & his curiosities made the invisible quite clear...

and the just in a challenge to accept as a duty, rings a bell in society and a motion for action, which constitutes the idea.

When you are courting a nice girl

an hour seems like a second.

When you sit on a red-hot cinder

a second seems like an hour.

That's relativity.

-Albert Einstein


Did You Know...

  • Did you know that Einstein played the piano and violin to relax?
  • That the eyes of Star Wars’ Yoda were modeled after his?
  • That he has over one million fans on Facebook?

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