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What If She?

Updated on August 1, 2020
Samip Katwal profile image

Her sopping clothes, slick long black hair tossing up, water droplets tickling down to her neck, smoky suave eyes, she stood next to me !

Chapter 2

What? Start the bike. Yeah I am trying. Looks like we are short of fuel. So you mean you are out of petrol? Oh God! This had to be today. I am already running late. Do something Sam. Wait what, what can I do about that? Check around. There must be some petrol pumps open. I didn’t ask you to stay with me. I had given you the better option of walking, remember?(teasing her) Ah! Don’t start now I am telling you. I will kick you. Relax, Relax, I will do something. Just do me a favor Salina. What favor? Do anything but don’t act evil (teasing her again). Looks like I have to practice my boxing on you. You practice boxing? What a joke! Haha not very funny. Now go and check if we get petrol pumps open. Are you sure? You might regret. Ghosts wander around here at night. So think about it (teasing her again). Oh you are trying to scare me? Try hard. I am going with you anyways incase you need some help. Oh don’t lie, you are afraid, I teased her as we walked. I am not, I am telling you. Now one more time, I will kick you. I thought you were a boxer. How about punching on your face? She smiled.

Chapter 1

All wet in rain, her sopping clothes, slick long black hair tossing up, water droplets tickling her cheeks, down to her neck, smoky suave eyes, a small mole in her neck, rubbing her hands to stay warm, a girl at her 20s stood next to me. Damn! I couldn’t take my eyes off ! But I didn’t want to act jerk at the same time. I felt I could offer her my jackets. Whoa! That would be a horrible idea uttered inner me. She was fuming. Why is she staring me like that? Did I? No! No! I haven’t. I can’t. Or maybe I should offer her jacket? But what if she yells at me? Ah! This is getting abhorrent.

What if she addresses me pervert? You pervert! Haven’t you seen a girl before? Trying to flirt, trying on me. Keeping balls of steel, I then asked her,” Are You Feeling Cold?” Excuse me! Are you okay? She asked. I was a daydreamer. Yeah! Yeah! I am all good. Nothing; nothing has happened to me and then started exercising, jumping, running here and there, like a monkey, just to prove I was okay. There she interrupted me laughing; I didn’t mean that I meant if you are okay, can I lend your jacket? I am feeling too cold. Ja Ja Ja Jacket, sure why not? Here you go. Its too cold na? she asked. Yeah, Yeah, its too cold. Is there a café somewhere? I really need to keep myself warm she said and grabbed me by my hands, there I saw it, there is a café.
Before I could speak, she coerced passionately through her scintillating eyes to follow her. Drops of rain were dripping down from her eyebrows and falling down on the muddy street, not before caressing her delicate cheeks. Her touch seemed to send jolts of electricity throughout my numb body. I gave in and followed her indecisively. My stomach had churned with butterflies flying triumphantly in it. My heart thumping ecstatically against my chest as if it wanted to break free of my rib cage and fly high in the rainy sky.

I could see café coming near. I didn’t want to go there actually. The inner me uttered Sam! You are too boring, you always find yourself helpless, you can do nothing, just do something and buy yourself some time. Screw you! Shut up! Did you say something? She questioned. Oh Yes! No! Yes, I mean Why don’t we have some dinner actually? Its already 8:00. She looked at her watch before we entered the cafe. I bumped into the door. She hurried to hold me. Hello! You there? Are you fine? Yes! I am perfectly here. Should I jump around like before? She laughed. Why do I dream things always? It nearly cost me a coffee date. Now You Inner Sam Just Keep Quiet! Let me handle things. I need no advices from you.
It was paining. But I kept moving till we found ourselves a seat. I was lost in checking my forehead. Have a seat please I said. As I looked at her, she was already seated. She looked at me. Everything good? I took my hands off forehead immediately. Oh! You won’t believe my hands were never so swift. I don’t know how I managed to pull that stunt. I felt embarrassed. She chuckled on seeing my face. What? Am I looking funny? Come here, she said and touched my forehead with her delicate hands. Oh! There must be internal bleeding. Lets go Hospital. Heh! I said and ran. I looked behind. She was there. She was giggling. What? Not Again? I couldn’t stop smiling. As I stood there, and looked at her. The way she giggled at me, rays of glee broke through my overcast heart.

“ How about standing there the whole night? I would love to see a living statue”, she said. Oh! well, well, not a bad idea, I reckon. Or maybe I could join you for coffee? You know what, maybe you can she said and smiled radiantly. So Mrs. Rebekah, how is your( interrupted me in the middle) Sorry to interrupt you but who is Rebekah? I am Salina. Exactly Mrs.Salina, who is Rebekah? I don’t know her as I smirked. That’s not a good way I tell you Mr. Whatever. Sam call me Sam. Not a good way for what? You know it better. Okay Sam, it’s getting late. I think we should leave. Should we? Stop flirting ! Its already 9:00. As you wish Mrs. Rebekah, wish granted. Salina! It’s Salina. You better know my name. Whoa! Whoa! Salina. Happy now? I asked. Good for you ! she said and smiled. Shall I drop you? Do I have other options? I think Yes! You can walk. No thanks! Start the bike.

© 2020 Samip Katwal


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