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What I'm Thinking Now

Updated on December 5, 2017

Ghosts Do Exist.

For Every Evil Spirit, The God is a Ghost.
For Every Evil Spirit, The God is a Ghost.

My Current Thoughts…

I thank God for giving me my brain back. I started with 7 medicines, but now, I only have one. I'm so happy. Mental destabilization is a huge challenge and I'm lucky that it did not turn to worse. I had to take shelter in an asylum for 14 days and I got electric shocks as well. I do not know how, but I got a spiritual reckoning in me automatically.

I will always try to do the right (with the right person) and I don't care anyone. I had a very bad phase in life encompassed by "politics" (What’s that?) when I was fighting with myself. You can readily understand that fighting with a serious challenge like Schizophrenia and Conspiracy is no easy task. However, I kept faith on myself and God, and I'm back to life now.

I remember every insult, every activity and every bad behavior done to me by everyone and I never pardon anyone. I am not afraid to even die if I fail to stand high in my own conscience, but if any external threat is there, I affirm that I am no more under the effect of sedatives that made me weaker and 'out of own control'.

I have seen evil like no one else, but there is a positive side in everything. I believe the kind of treatment I met has made me stronger and capable to handle all challenges with courage and confidence.

In my bad days, every enemy seemed elated thinking it was an end. I still remember it started in Delhi, and I am not going to spare the guys who did wrong to me. Many top level CEOs, politicians and businessmen showed their true colors to me in my bad days.

While one CEO asked whether I got the balance in life, another asked whether I knew to wear a tie? My answer to the first CEO is "Yes". I have got the balance; and I know, you have already realized that the whole Balance is now in my hand.

My answer to the Sports Mgmt. CEO Mr. D'Fuza is "No." Probably in the business of Birdies and Holes, you forgot that the champions keep changing, but I have no worries. I intentionally wrote that letter you told me to draft wrong because I had smelled the evil in your Sporting Company. Mr. Ganguly and Mr. Saxena had told me to write the same thing when I applied for the position, and I knew you would have loved the same draft. But, Mr. D'Fuza, I did not do that because I hate ties. Your insult to me is yet to be drafted and edited, I will do that too.

I also have a rage against a News Channel that instantly insulted me airing a program "Tutu Ki Raai." When I wore a Sunglass, a politician portrayed that on TV and said, "Dekhiye aap ne sunglass dala, humne bhi sunglass daal diya." My answer to the TV channel is, " Abhi daalna baaki hai mere dost."

I don't, however, care what the illiterate, value-less and filthy politicians said. But, I have seen the effect of Politics in my family, and I want to affirm that I am not an evil Brahmin that I will forget everything to live a beautiful life and make my future bright. I will do that too, and my future is far brighter than these evil spirits can assume, but I’m not leaving the “Grand Show” you showed me in Naharkatia, my home town. The Show will come back to you, my dear friend, in an un-assum-able and surprising manner. And when it comes back, you will see everything I went through in those horrible days.

Ah Girls? I watched so much of support and love from Girls, you know! They are my last target, and I don’t know what I will do with them.

Thanks God.


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