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What Is Article Writing – How To Write Better Articles?

Updated on November 2, 2013
  • You can't write well if your mind is devoid with quality materials
  • Brevity always matters
  • Watch your words as they speak who you are and your intention
  • Proof your work every time

In this series of ‘what is article writing – how to write better articles’ I have laid down few essential tips for novice article writers.

Article writing is to write informative and quality contents over a subject to supply readers a valuable piece of information and enlighten them about the subject.

Moreover, an article may also be written for search engine optimization, where a writer has to write topical contents to rank a particular website. But that also includes a very essential responsibility of writing good contents, as even in SEO content writing, quality always comes first on priority list to write better articles.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization or SEO is an online technique used to improve ranking of a website. You can do SEO either for one of the pages of your website or the whole of it. But it is very important to know which particular page and on which particular keyword that you want to rank your website in search engine/s.

How to write better articles – Step-wise details

There are a few key things to write a better article. To know how to write an article, it is befitting of every ambitious article to follow tips being narrated thus.

Do some mental preparations This is the root where you can get an inspiration for writing. Every idea germinates from the mind and it is your thinking process that substitutes your idea with practical application of writing. So, do some mental preparations before you pen down to write about something.

Your mental preparations may include thinking, analysis, evaluation, conclusion and then to determination.

Have something to say, not to say something – You should better not write an article if you’ve nothing good to say. Your mind should have in the possession of great materials before you start writing about something.

Choose smart and unique topic – Topically written articles usually catch attention of readers. You must choose smart and unique topic, and this includes making your chosen topic look appealing and attention-grabbing so that it may compel people have a look on your article. Remember, a compelling title is the most important step towards writing better articles.

Make it brief Brevity is one of the most essential parts that must not be ignored at any cost when it comes to writing an article. Ok - you have selected a good topic, but words-extravagance will lend less credibility to your article than what it deserves. You are not supposed to write something in 500 words which could be said in just 300.

Tonality matters Pay heed to the voice of what you’ve written about. Unbelievable, but it’s true that words speak the language of your intention, your writing manner and your objective. Means, words convey about you to your readers. So, make your articles sound very friendly and informative. Avoid using expletives.

Highlight major points – You must highlight major points. The highlighted points usually grab attention of your target readers immediately. Also, the highlighted points should be showing relevancy to the whole points of what’s written.

Proofread – This part, beyond any doubt, is extremely important to consider. Proofreading a finished article is the most salient way of improving quality and its informativeness. Aside from helping you fix grammatical mistakes, proofreading will also make your contents sound very intelligent and readable by eliminating non-essential words/sentences. Reading aloud of your written contents is the easiest way to proof your work.

Know your audiences An article on the topic of ‘ethical hacking’ is totally useless for the audience looking for an article about ‘gardening tips’. You must essentially understand who you write for.

Support your say – That, which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. You should, therefore, keep it in mind that you support your article with reliable link/s or source/s. It will not only make it interesting to read at, but it will also lend credence on your article in significant gravity.


So, article writing is neither difficult nor easy, it’s just practice, persistence and some key points considered beforehand.

Meanwhile, the type of content you write shows your expertise in that area of writing. Some people are easy at writing health related articles while there are those who can write well over real estate or technical things. Hence, it is good to know which area of writing that you are intrigued with before you make up your mind to write an article. Writing an article about technical thing against your interest for health subjects lacks the spirit of representation and taste.


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      It is a great article.

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