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What Is Table Tipping?

Updated on March 10, 2011

Some of the many memories I have of my youth are of watching my father and a group of his friends asking questions of spirits and witnessing the table they were sitting at move up and down in response. The process fascinated me even as a youth. Since my father’s mother was accustomed to seeing the spirits of her relatives that had passed, it’s not surprising that my father was not close minded regarding the paranormal.

So how does it work? Wood seems to be a good conductor of psychic energy. A group of people sit around a light weight table, (my father usually used a card table), and lightly rest their hands on top of the table. One or more of the people around the table asks questions and request that spirits present answer the questions with lifting a corner of the table up and down, once for yes, and twice for no. (Or any other combination they set up.)

In the case of my father and his friends, I took great pains in making sure I watched all the participants at the table during these sessions. (My introduction as a paranormal investigator!) Everyone’s hands were always totally on the top of the table and I observed that no one had their thumbs under the table. In my father’s case, the table never came completely off the floor, although I did witness all three legs elevated above the ground at some points. And at least one time I observed the table walk across the room with the people around it walking with it—all the while their hands were still on top of the table.

Scientifically speaking, I suppose it could be some sort of electromagnetic or static electrical force combined with some psychic sensitivity of the people at the table making the table perform. British parapsychologist, Kenneth J. Batcheldor, after many experiments into Table Tilting, suggested that the beliefs of the people around the table crate an energy that actually makes the table move without them realizing they are doing it, and that it did not come from spirit response. So essentially, Batcheldor believed the power of the mind created energy strong enough to elevate the table. Even that is quite a phenomenon.

What do I believe? Anything is possible. Like you haven’t heard that from me before! I tend to agree with Batcheldor’s assessment. Experiment yourself and come to your own conclusion. Read more at this web site:

Table Tilting, a Practical Guide. Fun stuff!


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