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What Is the Source of the Sealand Skull?

Updated on August 30, 2011
Anton Spangenberg
Anton Spangenberg | Source

While excavating for sewer pipe replacement on the Danish island of Sealand, (Olstykke) workers discovered a mysterious skull in July 2007. Researchers examined the skull in Copenhagen in 2008, but the eerie discovery remained mostly ignored by scientists until 2010.

When it was first found, the workers believed it was a horse skull, since the area was near a horse farm and other horse bones had also been excavated. However, when they replaced the sewer pipes they found a humanoid bone structure near where they discovered the skull. Other excavation in the area did not uncover any other humanoid remains.

Carbon 14 testing indicated that the creature lived between 1200 and 1280 AD. Since the bones and skull were found above the older sewer lines, it is believed that the creature was buried after 1900. Because of the shape the skull and bones were in, scientist believe that it had been buried for only 20 or 30 years. So who buried the body and where was it all those years before it was buried?

The Sealand Skull is approximately one and a half times larger than a human male skull. Another obvious difference would be the size of the eye sockets. Because of the large eye sockets scientists conclude that the being was from a planet that had a much lower light level than we have on earth, or that the species lived underground in very low light conditions.

It is interesting to note that there is a star in the Universe named 51 Pegasi in the Pegasus constellation that does have an orbiting planet. This information would coincide with older residents of Olstykke and other villages in the vicinity telling of a local who had been reportedly a member of l’Ordre Lux Pégasos (the Order of Pegasus’ Light). The order was formed in 1350 and had many men of renown among its members, (including H. G. Wells). This group protected items that have been found and believed to be from extraterrestrial origin. It is possible that the Sealand Skull and accompanying bones were preserved for
hundreds of years by this society? If so, why did they finally
bury them?

Hopefully, this mystery will be solved by our continued expansion of our knowledge of the Universe… but it might be hundreds of years away. If you run into any members of the Order of Pegasus, see if you can talk him/her into giving you more information, and then contact me with it!


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